Tome of the Moon

An Archmage Visits

The game starts in the morning with Zorander showing off by casting Repair Object before Susan and reforming a savaged TV in an instant to her amazement. And he follows this up by offering a way to beat Garret’s flight and invisibility, which she accepts and Zorander attempts to find a wand-like instrument only to find a wooden spoon, and casts Imbued Item to put Supernal Dispelation and followed up with a small training session so she could get a feel for it. Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice Chapter House, Chain-Wu was bringing a old man to meet with Issac. The old man claimed to be an Archmage of the Prime Arcanum and he wanted to discuss Garret, revealing his real name to be [insert Garret’s real name here] and his League of Evil involvement with Arpad Capporetti. Issac mentions the Obelisk which really intrigues the Archmage as he starts to envision a trap. Issac asks if they have time to visit a friend, makes a call so Zorander knows he’s coming, needs mana and is taking an Archmage to visit the Obelisk. Zorander not wanting to miss an Archmage in action asks if he can join them, which the Archmage refuses. Issac shows up and Zorander creates a Hallow and transfers the Hallow’s five mana plus one of his own to Issac and wishes him a safe journey.

[whatever Faith was doing]
[Issac’s trip to the cave]
[Garret’s counterattack]
[Garret kills Archmage]
[Issac loses it]



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