Tome of the Moon

Apocalypse now! Subtle Invasion

The game starts off two days after the “Team Pure vs Team Forsaken Battle Royal at the Locus”™. The remaining pure have healed there wounds and joined the Hunters of Darkness, Issac finally returns from St. Louis, and Andrew officially joins the Storm lords. On Tuesday, George, while at work, gets asked a personal question and is shown to a private room. After some odd conversation, the woman literately pulls her skin off to reveal a young woman with chalk white skin, bleached hair and 1/3 her face covered in porcelain. She asks him where she could find Issac and his associates. He half way tells the truth and for his troubles, she leaves behind a large stack of bills. Then when Cali was leaving class (because George told her that they were both leaving) Cali bumped into a man while she was leaving. On the way to the Locus, Cali gets a call from the cell phone that was planted in her shirt. The voice said to meet him in front of city hall and come alone at 5 p.m. George and Cali went back to the pack’s Territory and told Zachary, who then told them to stay away from the hospital for a bit. Cali insisted on going, but Zach made sure she took George and Susan with her. George in the mean time informed Issac that there were people after him. He then asked Chain what he should do and she got him a new place in a closed dormitory on campus. At the Consilium meeting, Chain-Wu announced that David Walker is dead for his crime of treason. They tried to pass some things, but Issac has been removed from the board (due to not having enough house members) so it kept coming up as ties. Meanwhile, at the meeting that Cali was having, The gentleman introduced himself as Mister Capporetti. He asked questions about Issac and what places he normally goes. After he got what he wanted, he then gave Cali a small bag of Diamonds! with that information he sent a living leprechaun to spy on the mages at there meeting. The wee-man followed Faith to Joshua’s house and he shrank his size and hid in her car. After going to the movies and waiting for hours, she dropped Joshua off and she finally got back to her house. He reported this to Mister Capporetti, who sent the Fat Man. A huge individual (who was clearly inhuman upon close examination) waddled up the stairs, asking around for Faith and Zorander. After Faith confirmed she was one of the two, he gave her a package and proceeded to leave, eating Funyuns along the way. He couldn’t get down the stairs, so he jumped off and Slammed into the ground, shattering the concrete, he got up with out seeming any damage. After Zorander examined the package, it turned out to be a large Chocolate bar. Faith then ate it but got sick soon after. It turned out that to be Arsenic. Zorander alerted Issac, who was at the Locus and Andrew went there as well. The both them arrived at the same time, wondering what happened. After Faith purged the toxin from her system into a zip-lock bag, she told Issac how she ate candy from a fat man she didn’t know, Andrew became confused, labeling all three of them as crazy, and left. When he left, Andrew (who now shifted to wolf form) caught a wee man (who was watching from the bushes the entire time) collect some of the slime the Fat Man left when he slammed into the Sidewalk. Andrew growled at the tiny man as he back up defensively. The wee man started to grow all the way up to a large adult, banging on the doors around the apartment. Rebecca Siren answered the door. She told him to close his eyes, and she pointed at Andrew (who she remember when he was a Member of the Pure and terrorized the apartment). Andrew fled immediately. On his way back, he caught wind and saw some small girl walking in the woods close to where the locus was. After game of cat and mouse, it turned out to the the strange girl from the hospital that meet with George. After Andrew let out a warning howl, The Chalk white Marionette charged him with blinding speed. The fight was brutal, with Andrew retreated after receiving heavy damage. The rest of the pack arrived but she had escaped. The next day, Issac was cleaning the dormitory when he thought it would be nice to have help so he called Faith and Zorander. The wee man, having staked out the house beginning in the morning, Followed them to the dormitory. Issac was paranoid and used 2 faced when meeting them. Investigating the Dormitory, they found a stack of beer kegs that have been collecting dust for years. They then meet a odd young lady who had writing all over her face and light smoke coming from her nose. Not knowing what it was, they called Joshua and tried there best to not alarm the spirit. Upon getting there, Joshua explained that it was a spirit of fun and that the beer kegs where the fetter and a locus. After some convincing, The spirit (named Abby Gale) agreed to becoming Faith’s Familiar. And Joshua explained the Familiar Pact spell which Faith cast and succeeds.



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