Tome of the Moon

Crushing Defeat, the end of the Predator kings.

The session starts off with the Pure surrounding the Locus across the Gantlet. With everyone preparing or deciding what to do, Silver Wolf (the avatar who is assigning in the attack) makes the first move by attacking the Willow tree spirit. Zachary moved around to start a counter-attack followed by the rest of his pack, but not the mages who do not possess the ability to cross the Gantlet. Cali pulled the sword fetter from the stone before crossing and did her best to convince the sleeping Lung Ryujin to rise and assist. Duncan and Iron-claw attack each other relentlessly, even growling Cali’s attempt to assist. She then focused her attention on the pack avatar who Lung Ryujin just stuck with thunderous lightning. The rest of the Pure pack assault a grossly outnumbered Zachary, David, Susan and George. Two grappled Zach but George savagely attack one of Zach’s attackers, freeing him. Meanwhile, back across the Gauntlet, two Pure materialize looking at both Zorander and Faith. Which Zorander grabs Faith and attempts an aerial escape via Levitation spell, however the Pure managed to jump up, grab hold and pull him back to the ground and proceeded to bite and rip at them even after Faith used degrade the form on them. These two sensing their Pack’s plight dropped their attack on Zorander and Faith to go back across the Gantlet to assist the rest of there pack. After finishing off the Silver Wolf avatar, Cali receives a vicious attack from the Ivory Claw elder and pretended to feign a retreat. The Ivory Claw elder followed Cali around the Willow Tree spirit to a temporary clearing, and sharing the same fate of his totem avatar, Lung Ryujin’s electric wrath. The rest of the Ivory Claws fled once they felt their ancient alpha’s death-howl. David was flanked and bite at relentlessly until he fled, but Zachary struck down the last assailant. David, almost on the verge of death, summoned what strength he had left and went across the Gauntlet to be healed by Faith. Zachary told George to try and save as many fallen Pure as possible. George was able to save 3 of them but couldn’t save the last one. Andrew having (presumably) emerged victorious over his foe, reluctantly accepting healing but went back to brooding, having just murdered his former alpha. As the Forsaken pack tend to the wounded and bury the dead, Zorander and Faith return to Rebecca’s and ask her assistance in retaking their cabal house. Upon arrival, nothing else is out of place and quickly the two round up some changes of clothes and several tomes over the Disciple level of Spirit Arcani, and leave back to Rebecca’s library.

Andrew went though his Rite of initiation. The rest of the wounded pack, two of them being forced to battle regardless of being pregnant by Duncan (and both lost their child during the battle), expressed interest in seeking Luna’s forgiveness and wishing to join one of the moon tribes. Faith And Zorander, wishing to correct the horrible tactical error of not being able to affect or interact with the shadow realm, ravenously studied the Spirit Arcanum until exhaustion. With Joshua’s help (who focused mainly on Faith), Faith and Zorander spent several days even up to Saturday night practicing there craft and managing both to achieve the rank of Disciple of the Spirit Arcanum. Meanwhile, Cali went to Walmart and bought supplies with George, seeing how the mouths to feed have increase, and they both have gained a stronger understanding of rites. They both prepare for the reconciliation rites and initiation rights for the 3 former Predator kings…



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