Tome of the Moon

Revenge in the wind.

The game starts off with Faith waking up in the hospital outpatient room. Dr. Hendricks, who was assigned to out patient that day, stopped in to see how she was doing. Zorander wakes up from sleeping in the waiting room to find a rather ominous note stuck to his forehead. It read “Tell the leader of the Forsaken to meet me at the Will-workers house at 9 p.m. tonight. Come alone.” He made some calls, distressed over this news. Faith noticed that a rather large amount of jewelry has been left at the foot of her bed. When Cali was in class, this creepy guy (Puppy-chan) demanded that she have lunch with him and that she pay for it. She then told her about her much hotter “sister” Faith. Meanwhile, The rest of the group meet Johnny Benign, who didn’t make the best of first impressions. When Faith walked back into her room after visiting with Joshua, she found the same guy who was stalker her at the jogging trail not just a couple of weeks ago. She promptly left but Puppy-chan was following her. When he started getting cocked blocked, Puppy-chan then went Nova. He tried to stab at Faith, who dodged and stuck her attack with a morphine drip. Zorander did his best to try and pull him off of her, with little success. He then fled after paranoia sank in. Security chased after Puppy-chan and subdued him. Johny Benign came back and asked to see if she wanted to hang out with him later, to which she agreed. Later that day, when people where heading home, Dr. Hendricks, Cali and Zorander paid Lung Ryujin a visit and provided Essence and dry ice. He told George that if he needed him to strike a enemy down from the heavens, just call on him. He then demanded to see Joshua who was brought back by George. Joshua forcibly materialized Lung Ryujin who proceeded to the clouds. Joshua suspected that it would not last long. Later that evening, Faith went to Rebecca’s to stay the week there since there house wasn’t exactly safe. Soon after that, She called Johny Benign and they went out, going to the very same bar that she meet the vampires at the last time. When she called Rebecca about where she was going and with who (For Johny didn’t have the most sterling of past in the Consilium) she flips out and took Zorander to find her. When she got there, she and Johny started getting stoned. Unknowingly, Vampires where stalking Faith the moment she went into the club. They stepped outside to smoke in Johny’s car. when they got out, someone punctured his tires. When they went back in, the found Rebeca and Zorander looking for them. When they left the club, Johny’s Tires and windows where smashed. They left the Club, not detecting that they were being followed by one of the vampires.
Meanwhile, at 9, Andrew Iron claw (the Pure member who was spying on the mage house for the last week) Meet with Zachary, the eldest of the Local Forsaken (what little there is). After asking who he was and what makes him who he is, Zachary give a rather convincing informative speech on the ways and means of what it ACTUALLY means to be a Forsaken. Zachary then says that if you wish to start a new life, meet him at the old locus at midnight.
At around the same time, Cali and George were trying to sleep when something landed in there locus shifting around. It was dark, but George used partial change to see that is was a Materialized Lung Ryujin! The Greater Jaggerling’s demeanor had changed dramatically, accusing the werewolves of being to weak to hold the Locus. George then called Faith to get ahold of Joshua to calm the Raging spirit down. The Dragon then went across the Gauntlet to kill the rabbit spirits there. He then fragrantly demanded tribute, with the Forsaken complying. It then peacefully went to slumber. Joshua arrived with faith to secure the spirit back to its Fetter. Zorander stayed that night with Susan and Joshua went back with Faith.
The following day, Andrew spent most of the day preparing for his Rite of Initiation. Faith went to the Locus out of curiosity. When the sun was starting to set and Cali and George were bring back food for the rest of them, they smelled something strange in the wind. This puzzled them but the shock settled in when they looked across the Guantlet to find that The Pure were waiting for them!



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