Tome of the Moon

The after math, The rise of Tol'cal-on

The game starts back with the PCs dealing with the devastation that has been wrought on the Consilium. The surviving college age members have gone back home, leaving the Council behind, minus John seeks the truth..who is dead. Chain-Wu and Virgil spend days trying to curtail the rumors and large evidence gaps that have been left at the meeting hall. Faith and Zorander where told by Issac to stay at the Locus for safety. After a day, Zachary politely suggested more suitable arrangement be made (the Locus is not a place to hang out with werewolves in other words). They thus relocated to Dr Hendrick’s house for a time.
Several days later, Andrew bags a dear several miles away from the Locus and brings it in. He was almost successful till a sheriff patrol stopped him for bagging a dear out of season. Andrew prudently used Mask of Rage to scare of the officer before heading back. He the offered to split the carcass between the pack mates. Soon after that, the pack participated in the rite of the spring equinox, lasting till sun down till sun up. Meanwhile, Joshua calls Faith to asking how she is and after both meeting, Joshua took her to where John seeks the truth used to live. The way up there was littered with burned trees from the after math of a forest fire. All he said was that he wanted her to meet someone across the gauntlet. Agreeing, Joshua created a spirit road to the hell-like inferno that was waiting for them in the shadow realm. The land was burned to s cinder, with dozens of fire elementals milling about looking for things to burn. After harsh questioning towards Joshua from a larger fire elemental, they approached the bronze coated area. In the center of this royal fire court was a man made of molten metal on a bronze throne. Joshua introduced him as Tol’cal-on. Then after some awkward social exchanges and providing chimmerage (gold), Tol’cal-on branded her (as almost a command as apposed to a request) with the royal symbol denoting rank, name and heritage. He then bound a fire elemental to her brand which then became a tattoo fetish. and the two left the bronze arena with Faith teasing Joshua about Tol’cal-on’s comment of her making less noise than him.
Several days past and Faith had lunch with Rebecca while giving the books back that they burrowed. Faith and Zorander then attended the meeting at the new Chapter House. With only a handful of Consilium members left, The meeting was much more low key. The only major announcement was that with Rebecca’s funding, they have bought out the old dormitory and gave it substantial security upgrades. The library’s would be relocated to this location and most amenities would be provided. Both Faith and Zorander enthusiastically agreed to this arrangement. When Zorander went back to the house, Susan was drying off in the living room. After a touching moment, Zorander forgave Susan for what happened several weeks ago, to Susan’s delight. Faith also told Andrew that she was moving. While Andrew was stoic in his response, it was still hard and painful to interact with her due to the memory of the concussion still remained. While saying that he was fine as long as she is safe, he later took his frustration out on local animals for choosing not the best suited words. Faith went and picked up several items from both the old mage house and Dr. Hendricks. She asked what room Joshua was taking and she decided to take the room across from his on the 1st floor.

(I’m omitting the last part of the story where they were driving off as that should be a bit more dramatic than that)



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