Tome of the Moon

The biker with the Dragon Tattoo.

The night picks back up with Faith waking up to go to school/work. Cali and Doctor Hendricks (who now has at least a deeper understanding of spiritual conceptual minds) go to the Hospital as well. Zorander wakes up and tries his best not to wake Susan up while making breakfast. Joshua later goes back but calls Faith and they set up to meet back at the house around 7:30. When Susan woke up, she asked Zorander if he would go back with her to the willow tree, which he accepted. Later that evening, George and Cali join Zachary’s meeting with Chain-Wu. Chain purposed that she effectively needed muscle in protecting the Consilium’s interest. In exchange, Zachary suggested that police patrols be reduced around the park and there activities would go unharmed. Chain also said that she could help with living conditions if it doesn’t hurt the resonance of there dwelling. He said he would need time to make such a weighted decision. Meanwhile, Faith returns from work and notices that someone had broken into the cabal house. Upon inspection, the trash has been gone though and there was food missing. She then heard a sound from outside. Using Sense Life, she found a life form beyond the tree line. She followed it till dark. She got back, she thought she saw Joshua’s car from the back. It wasn’t. Joshua was propped up and beaten against a wall. Then out of no where, a hand reached out and grabbed faith. She countered with a honing the form increasing her strengths dramatically. The seemingly every growing assailant however, punched Faith in the temple. Her next move she decided to sap all her attackers strength. Cursing he fail to his knees yelling at someone to cut her. From behind, an unknown assailant stabbed at Faith repeatedly till she lost consciousness. She awoke at a hospital. Meanwhile, George, Cali and Zach were coming back they saw Ambulances and Police at the mage house. They called Issac and he was there promptly. The scene was almost surreal. A 11 foot tall man tattooed man was laying face down in there yard. His wounds looked as if he was mauled by a bear. When they notified Chain, she waved Dr. Hendricks over to look the body over, but he was utterly baffled as how a man get to this height and size. Cali went inside to get some chips for Faith, When she saw a wolf going though there food in the house. Cali quickly determined that this was one of the Pure. The wolf fled the house, but not before Cali got his name via Know Name. Afterword, her and George go to visit Faith in the Hospital.



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