Tome of the Moon

The calm before the storm

The mages get done with cleaning the part of the floors in the dormitory. They went back after getting much done in the 3rd floor but not so much in the 2nd (Faith’s new Familiar saw to that). They went home soon after. The next morning, Susan called Zorander asking for both him and Faith. Zorander asked why and her reply was because of Zach’s request. When they arrived they were greeted with a somber Zach and at his flank were Susan and Andrew. Zach then states in the Urtha tongue, "On my mark, Andrew attack Faith and Susan attack Zorander. Both the packmates where stunned by this decree, but they recovered and charged their respective targets. After some rough housing, Zach commanded them to stop and the assailants fled after the fact. Faith received a concussion and had hazy memory’s of what transpired. Zorander was angry and confused, so Zach offered him the chance to strike back, which Zorander refused at first. Then Zachary offered the Spear of Tol’cal-on to Zorander. Zorander choose not to use the spear, mostly for lack of skill, and in a mental coin flip he made the choice to sear a hole into Zachary’s hand, much akin to a wound of Jesus. They both left emotionally shocked. And along the way out, they passed a hurried Joshua, who explained he was heading to the Forsaken bearing items for barter.
When he got there he asked for Zachary, who answered when he stepped back from the Guantlet. Joshua began to barter for the Spear of Tolcal-on with other fetishes and Imbued items. They finally settled on the above plus him summoning a new totem for the pack. Ironically, the Locus’s Totem answered that call. Meanwhile, at the Dormitory, Issac had company who were slowly making there way up the stairs. The company turned out to be Arpad, an obese man, a well dressed lady, and an indie model. They were zoning in on him when he tried to distract them with a clone, but Arpad saw though this. Issac then Teleported outside to escape, but ran into another person who he thought was “one of them” and after ducking between two cars, he Teleported again this time to the Silver ladders’ chapter house library. He then went down stairs to inform Rebecca that he’s going to lay low for a while. She only asked that you keep her in contact if he needed anything.

Later that day, Andrew was heading out with George and Cali to get new clothes and a new chain when the fat man passed (the one who poisoned Faith earlier) them in his truck. He rushed up to the truck and jumped in. Cali followed suit except she used a gift that turned the rear axle to putty and the bed of the truck crashed to the ground. Andrew didn’t notice a rather attractive man laying low in the bed of the truck that he jumped into. After the Fat Man got out cursing who ever did it Andrew jumped over to the hood of the truck, where the Fat Man and Andrew got into a taunting match and the attractive man said he would take the challenge and started to grow bone claws from his fingertips and just as he was about to attack Andrew, he was stopped by George who had earlier used Any Beast to take the form of a dog. Cali also joined the assault in Any Beast’s dog form and Andrew, seeking vengeance, went Garou form to attack the Fat man…in the middle of the street, IN TRAFFIC! (yes, there was a panic and a multiple-car pileup.)

The fight took almost 30 seconds before both the semi-human beings started to fall back and act strangely. The Fat Man started to swallow his hands and the Attractive Man ripped off his penis and ate it. Afterwords, both of there bodies dissolved in a spectacular way. However, the pack started having strange…urges. George peered across the Gauntlet to find two horrifying creatures. One, a giant blob with tendrils, mouths and eyes. The other a perfectly shaped man from the torso up. from the waist down, a goat. The pack quickly retreated and once at the Locus, they informed Zachary what happened and Zach determined that the assailants were actually humans who were spirit-claimed by Malajins, or Vice Spirits…



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