Tome of the Moon

The end of Columbia

The Archmage has the last laugh as this game starts with Guardians securing the place and following through Issac’s then Garret’s portal only to find the Obelisk and a truly dead Garret. The Guardians follow up with an investigation, but lead to nothing so they hide Garret’s death to maintain a stronger hold upon the Consilium. Johny and Faith had sex. Rebecca and Issac become scapegoats for the death of the Guardian’s Archmage. Issac gets banish by the Silver Ladder and Rebecca steps down as Heirarch and leaves for family in Seattle.

Meanwhile, Faith is forced to have a meeting with Tol-cal’on. And Tol-cal’on forces Faith’s familiar to gorge on wyrmlings, and this transforms her familiar into a fire dancer (and secretly a spy for the court). Tol-cal’on mentions he wishes for Forsaken heads on a spear. So, in fear of her werewolf allies, Faith travels to the Locus to warn Zachary and his pack that Tol-cal’on is out and after them. They moved to the lake temporarily, and the Locus was burned to the ground a few hours later. Soon after that, The Consilium was attacked by Tol-cal’on and his spirit court dukes. With Paul, Disir, Cinderella and the 5 remaining Guardians being obliterated or very badly burned and Zorander almost following suit, if not for Faith healing him…and for her trouble, Zorander was again hit by a Duke’s Blast numina and cast Personal Invisibility hoping he could endure the pain until the spirits leave to make his escape. Johnny trying to get in and rescue Faith degraded a wall with his mastery of the Death Arcanum to enter, only for another Duke who had influence in gravity to pin him to the ground. Realizing Faith’s and Zorander’s hopeless predicament and not wishing to join it, Johnny shifts across to the Twilight realm. Faith realizing she could not win, offers a surrender if they stop attacking and she was taken with a burned, invisible Zorander via the spirit duke’s gravity control, which Zorander escapes by grabbing onto a doorway and pulling out of the gravity field while Faith was taken across the Gauntlet via Joshua’s Spirit Gate to the Shadow Realm. This was the last people have seen of her.

Issac, having his own problems, was relieved to find out that Garret was in fact dead. However, he was banished from the states regardless. He then learned that almost half the city of Columbia is up in flames. Ignoring the banishment, he foolishly heads back to the states. The city was burned and half the city flooded and on fire only a hour after the attack on the consililum. However, Information about Issac’s immediate return sparked a Man hunt for him by the Guardians. His current location is unknown, but he is to this day still sought after.

As Zorander was without clothes, wallet or phone he opted to keep concentrating on his Invisibility until his next move could come. And he saw Johnny appear, enter his car and leave. Not knowing who else to trust, Zorander begins the long, arduous walk to Dr Hendricks while still invisible. Praying Tol-cal’on’s wrath has not befallen Susan or the other Forsaken…his only remaining spirit allies as the city burns. Badly burned and not finding anyone, Zorander takes it upon himself to fight the unstoppable army by himself. He remains missing in action. While there are numerous burned bodies, none of them are recognizable. Some speculate that he died from backlash fighting against Tol’cal-on’s army.
Joshua Thane remains at large. Rumor’s are rampant as to what happened. One theory stats that if Tol’cal-on Transformed to a greater incarne and Joshua fled using his power as a cover. However, Spirits of know of Tol’cal-on, but have lost track of him and haven’t heard any word of this ascension. The other Theory is that a 3rd party stepped in and they all fled, but this too is faulty as there is no evidence or witnesses supporting this.



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