Tome of the Moon

The Uninvited Guests

The game picks up with several days after the incident between the pack and mages. Faith goes to the Locus and while trying to console a despondent Susan. However, a tiny investigator tracked her to the locus. Andrew, picking up on the scent of the wee man, started to track him. The small detective dove into some brambles trying to evade capture. George and Cali assisted Andrew in cornering the intruder. They enlisted the aid of a squire, but the midget was too powerful for it. Faith then enhanced its strength, but still couldn’t capture him. Finally she made the brambles pick him up and move him out from clearing. Andrew flung with wee man closer to the Locus, while Susan informed Zach of the terrible Midget. After seizing him up (didn’t take long) He commanded the tiny man to lie about there location and to feed Arpad misinformation. Half of the Pack bought him out to the highway where the detective did his best to misdirect Arpad. After Arpad listened to what the wee man said, he bid the Detective goodbye and said his services are no longer required. They (Cali, George, Andrew and Faith) brought him back to the Locus where Zach placed his fate in the hands of the Mages. They took the wee-man up to where John Seeks-The-Truth lives after several failed attempts to get ahold of Joshua. They arrived To find hardly anyone being home expect one of the house members outside smoking. He cast Pear Across the Gauntlet to get John’s attention. Joshua was the first to step though, however he was drenched in sweat. At first he didn’t know what to make of the tiny man till John stepped though and looked at him saying he was perhaps a cryptid, a creature that modern science denies they exist such as a Unicorn. While he said it was nice to see Faith again while Andrew was giving him evil eye. Joshua likewise shoot an almost insidious, knowing look back at him. The four of them back to the mage house where Faith found replacement clothes for the 3 members that went with her. They also took much needed showers. They went back to the Locus and Faith back to Rebecca’s.
Things were quite till Tuesday at the Consilium meeting. The meeting started off normal, with the Spirit Chess game being canceled for the year. They also voted on war with the Pure, which was shot down. Then, strangely, supernatural activity started happening outside the meeting room. With some silent flashes and barely audible screams, The Consilium head members looked to see what was happening. Several seconds later, six figures came though the door, almost causally. The front man was wearing glasses with a conservative but still attractive look for a man who looked to be in his mid twenties. Flanked by him was a man in a business suit and sunglasses, holding a blooded broadsword. A giant of a man with clawed hands, chalk white skin and red eyes. A women in business causal with green skin and red lips, holding a rapier. A lofty, almost majestic woman in a Victorian-era still outfit wielding a Two handed battle club. And a Gothic girl in a mini-skirt holding a gladius. The man in front said, “Sorry to intrude on your meeting but-” and was cut of by Chain-Wu saying “You need to leave right now, this is a private meeting”. Recovering, The man countered,
“Okay then, Just one quick question, do any of you know an Issac Byrne”? After some whispering and hushed tones. He grinned but before he got a word out, Chain-Wu began casting a spell, and the man skillfully countered. The rest of the 5 sprang into action. The woman in with the Rapier went directly for Zorander, slashing at him repeatedly, spilling blood in many directions. The rest of the group went to work on the Consilium, with the giant one hitting Chain-Wu with a mighty blow. The one in the business suit started to assault John while John was trying to slip to safety across the Gauntlet. Johny Benign tried to rush up and help John, but wrath crushed John with a sickeningly powerful blow. Johnny trying to counter, but was tag-teamed by The Victorian woman and the Giant. Joshua successfully cast Spirit Road, escaping. Rebecca used Complete Invisibility. And the rest of the Consilium was torn between helping and running. This hesitation would prove fatal, as the invaders where terrifyingly lethal and quick after they didn’t have the Consilium heads to worry about. Zorander, to make matters worse, had to fend off against two intruders when the goth girl started slashing at him as well. The soon however, found themselves also invisible (thanks to Rebecca) and the managed to slip out. The rest of the Consilium, with a handful escaping, were getting decimated by the assailants. Then out of no where, Issac (who had been scrying on the location) teleported inside to get Chain-Wu out of the room. Just when he was about to Teleport, The man with the glasses Counter-Spelled his magic. With the rest of the intruders looking on with a victorious glee, Zorander was looking on with scrying to see what all was happening. He tried to Channel Mana to Issac, but the Mystery Man saw and without thinking, Counter-Spelled this as well. This provided Issac one last chance to flee, and he succeeded in doing so with Chain-Wu in tow. After Teleporting to Rebecca’s Library, with the last of his mana, he healed Chain-Wu to make sure that could recover. Faith and Zorander showed up soon after, confused as to what happened. Zorander gave 5 mana to Issac as Faith healed the rest of Chain-Wu’s more grievous injuries and left for work soon after. Rebecca showed up after that. Chain-Wu woke up while they were conversing and Issac volunteer to help mitigate the damage that was caused by their assailant’s rampage that happened at the meeting. She accepted and they both spent most of the night trying to cover it up. At the hospital, Faith was able to save Cinderella from dieing, but used Vulgar magic to do so. After the night was done, Issac informed Zorander and Faith to go to the Locus, perhaps the last safe place left in Columbia….



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