Tome of the Moon

The Wicked Plot..

The game picks up with Zorander watching news of a forest fire raging across north of Columbia to south west of St. Louis. Fire marshals are saying that the fire is troublesome and resilient. The next day, after Andrew brings home a kill and Cali’s stocks have risen by 10 cents, The Andrew saw Zachary having an audience with a strange spirit in the Shadow Realm. When Zach crossed back across the Gauntlet, He states that Cali, Andrew and himself will be taking a long trip, so eat plenty of Bear (the animal that Andrew killed) before we head out. Along their trip, the trio dodged the forest fire and made there way north of St. Louis. They first came across a make shift deer stand with a hunter perched on top. They waited till his replacement came in. The Pack first cut him down without any noise. Andrew dressed up in this man’s clothes to act as the replacement and fooled the current hunter in the deer stand to come down. The kill was quick and they buried his remains after Andrew stripped them of their belongings (money, new clothes, ect). They waited till about sundown, till they smelled a strange smell of Cologne. Then after like a minute of confusion, They all started hearing voices in there heads. And a body fell from the sky, which the pack ran up and attacked, only to turn out that is was an Illusion. After some further taunting from the invisible opponent, “it” bids it’s farewell. Andrew determined from a gift that the attacker is in the trees flying. Before they could hone in on the unseen enemy, it was gone. (unbeknownst to them, they were also victim of Multiple Mind affects). Zachary then confessed, that the person they were tracking was a corrupt Will-worker that the spirits deemed a destructive nature. Distraught, the pack went back to Columbia. Meanwhile, Joshua only spent a few hours with Faith, to which he then said that his obligations is making him busy lately. He also mentioned that his Incarna Patron was busy fighting zombie-like creatures southwest of St. Louis. The rest of the day was uneventful besides LeBlart (Paul Blart’s Shadow Name) harassing his new sentential co-worker (who is, ironically, Zorander). When the Pack got back from there, Zorander got a call from Susan, but it turned out to be Andrew. He wanted to know more about “corrupt mages”. Zorander asked faith if she wanted to swing by with him to which she said yes. When they arrived at Doc’s house, (the place they all agreed to meet at) Zorander converses with Andrew about Mages who disregard humanity and are only out for themselves. As Andrew mentions the one they were after, Zorander realizes they mean Garret and activates Supernal Sight to see that Andrew and Cali were afflicted with multiple Magic effects. While carefully examining each spell, one of them triggers Cali to attack any visible spell caster, but Faith was able to counter/suppress it and Cali found herself in Gauru form savaging the T.V. (though it would have been Death Rage without Faith’s intervention). Afterwords, Andrew panics in fear that his mind was violated and he is in great risk of going berserk like Cali, and flees. Zorander, cautious to further tamper with the spells, decides they needed additional help. Meanwhile, Susan tracks down Andrew to his house where he said his mother lived. With Faith’s insistence, the two mages request Benign’s assistance. Benign, though tactless and crass, masterfully dispelled the spells on Andrew (who was cuffed by Susan). As the spells were removed, Andrew was giving descriptions of what he saw in the images. First image of Issac and wanting to kill him and then an image Zachary and wanting to kill him as well. These images only further instilled Paranoia into him.
The Pack, out of fear for their Alpha, convinced Zachary come along and be checked out as well. While showing a surprising amount of insist as to what the spells might do (but still lacking as more skilled mages would know) and surprises Zorander as most people out of the loop understand so little. As Zorander explains Liches and their thirst for human souls to Zachary (omitting that only Awakened Souls extend their lives exponentially), Benign admits to being able to raise the dead, which Zachary gives him a careful warning. And the Mages start to erase the murderous impulses that were placed into Zachary’s mind. Benign theorized, that whoever this guy was, his tactical reasoning was incredible, which Zorander asks Batman or Moriarty?
After the dispels, The Pack, minus Susan, returns to the locus with Andrew saying “bye” to Faith this time. And Benign and Faith return to the Chapter Dorm, leaving Susan and Zorander.



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