Lung Ryujin

Storm dragon, Created long ago but set free by the pure to reck havok.


Power: 11
Finesse: 11
Resilience: 8
Defense: 10
Size: 17
Corpus: 25
Willpower: 20
Essence 23/25
Type:Nature; Storm
Influences: Storms **** (Can use to create Dangerous weather conditions)
Numina: Blast, Reaching, Material Vision, Weather Mastery*, Hibernate, Swarm Form (cloud), Elemental Immunity (electricity), Flight
Ban: Exposer to dry conditions weaken it. It recieves minuses to its die pool equal to the severaity of the dryness. -1 for a clear day to -5 for being in a desert.

*Weather mastery: access to all gifts under the Weather Gift list.


Only Partially Translucent but very much solid creature. When forced to materialize, it coils up on the ground, and its roughly the size of a 18 wheeler truck (minus the trailer). Hides in clouds and fog exceptionally well.

A ancient Storm spirit who was recently freed imprisonment by breaking the Fetish in which it resided. Was reshaped long ago by a Arch mage using Spirit arcanum to resemble a cyrptied. Sometimes quite but can accent points in speech by yelling/roaring. It should be noted that Lung Ryujin Has multiple Gifts instead of Numina. These are abilities it can use as well as teach to werewolves.

Lung Ryujin

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