The Unchained (the former Pure pack)

The 3 surviving members of the pure pack. Now all Hunters in Darkness.


The First one is Alley back breaker, the 3rd setted postion and Ritual master. Rather unkept and zones out alot. Steals often from local businesses. Followed Duncan feverishly till His death. Converted out of fear for loseing TWICE to the forsaken. Physically powerful and lean. Age 33
The Second and Gamma in the back is Alice “shebangs”. No longer using her human name, this proud African american Female was forced into the predator kings many years ago and has her spirit broken countless times. She used to regular abuse Candice due to her being on the lowest, but shows signs of letting up finally. Was only 2 weeks along during her pregnancy. Physically strong but shows slight signs of obesity from age (39)
The Third and the Omega in the group, Candice as been in the pack the least longest and has had many atrocities done to her, many of which by Alice. Things such as forced sex with random men, regular beatings, being allowed only to eat after everyone else does. Because of this, Candice barely weighs 100 pounds. She often confides quickly in outsiders and is quite unhappy being a werewolf in general, let alone a pure. She is surprisingly attractive despite not allowed to wear clean cloths. Rarely speaks and keeps her head down, unless in battle. She was 3 months along during the battle this would have been her 2nd child. Age 17


The Unchained (the former Pure pack)

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