Overwhelmingly powerful Incarne with a Superiority complex

Power 12
Finesse 14
Resistance 13
Defense 14
Speed 36
Initiative 27
Essence: 42/50
Attack Dice 26 (or 16 with dual wielding)
Attack: Flamethrower 100hp
Influence: Fire * * *
Metal * *
Swords *

Numina: Elemental Mastery (Molten metal), Iron Rending*, Fetish Mastery**, Blast, Claim, Reaching, Elemental Immunity (fire/Metal), Greater Influence, Wild Sense


A Overwhelmingly powerful minor incarne spirt of metal and heat. It was birthed at the beging of the industrial age and has absorbed countless Spirits since then. The Smelting plant was recently closed however, forceing Tol’cal-on from the building in search of a new sorce of Essence, where it fatefully encounted Nikolia. Fought against Issac, Nikolia, Zachary, Sarah, Jeremiah, Gaberial, and Jacob. After a hard fought and epic battle (to be remembered for sure), he was resentfully bound as a familiar. It later spirit claimed a woman to kill Nikolia, and with the help of a werewolf pack, was able to beat Tol’cal-on down. Taking advantage of this, Nikolia bounded him into a mighty Fetish. Has Recently been Freed by Joshua Thane, and is now in the process of building his own spirit court

Tol’cal-on is a Lithe and attractive being with Glowing orange skin and golden eyes. He has 6 floating plates behind him the cryptically say whats on his mind. When he is about to attack, he can grab one of these floating plates and shift them into deadly heated blades, which he wields flawlessly. He also can summon via blast, a Fiery wave of molten slag that can deal incredible amounts of damage. He was particularly known for going out of his way to crush and kill bane and death spirits.


Tome of the Moon Kunit