Tome of the Moon

The Hunt begins....

The story picks back up with Faith leaving early for school and Zorander waking up early for studying. After Joshua realized that Faith left with only leaving a note for her absence, he spoke with Zorander before heading out. Virgil finally got out of the Consilium head meeting after 48 hours of scrying for Diamond Walker in the morning, only to be informed of the strange things that have been going on during his responsibilities. Most of the day was spent getting Lung Ryujin to a air craft hanger that was no longer in use. Cinderella got back home but was in horrible shape and didn’t care to talk even with Zorander’s offer of food. At the end of the night, Virgil found out of Faith’s trip to see the vampires at the bowling alley, the same ones who tried to kill Chain-Wu, and it made him almost sick. He then told her to not do things so rashly from here on out. Meanwhile, Cali went to school to get her CNA license. While she was walking home, Chain-Wu picked her up while walking home. She asked her what she was doing after school the next day and to see if she could spare a hour or two. Cali agreed and Chain-Wu dropped her off. Dr. Hendricks took this time while not at work to try and build understanding/relationship with the great Lung Ryujin. Faith decided to get a pool for the back yard, but she had to get Rebecca’s signature on it because she owned the house. She spent most of the morning with her. When Cali got off from school, Chain dropped by and picked her up and drove her to the school auditorium. She told her to wait till she got back. Virgil got to the meeting earlier than Chain-Wu, Joshua and John. While talking to the rest of them, Virgil lets the cat out of the bag and says Joshua slept with Faith, which got a awkward moment of silence and Joshua’s embarrassment. Just before the meeting started, Chain-Wu asks Cali to go inside the building with a blanket over her head. She sat her down and stood next to her till the meeting started. The meeting kicked off with the vote for ending the war on the undead (of which, Chain-Wu abstained). The other part of the meeting was John Seeks-The-Truth informing everyone of David treachery and that he believes that he has relocated to St. Louis. Chain-Wu chimes in by saying she is starting a task force to “retrieve” him. Chain-Wu then went over to Cali, and before unveiling her, stated that it has came to her attention that there are different “breeds” of Werewolves. So much so that the ones that she received help from were instrumental in revealing David’s affair. She then pulls the blanket off and Virgil, Faith, and Zorander stare in shock. Chain then addressed the almost panicking Consilium for them to calm down and show some spine. She said that she will be needing extra help in dealing with threats to the Consilium and would petition for there aid. She also stated that if anyone lays a hand on Cali, that they will answer to her. She then opened up the discussion to the group to ask question, most of which were out of ignorance and out right insulting. The meeting ended with Cali being escorted out and some rather heated bickering from the rest of the Consilium heads. Virgil ask that if she was going to involve them, that it would be at least polite to ask them. She reluctantly agreed. Chain then took Cali to Arby’s for her participation. Virgil went to ask/plea for Zachary’s corporation. He said that he’ll do it, mainly because he would like to see the face of the one who keeps “kidnapping” his daughter. Virgil then said to Susan that Zorander wanted to see him. She said it doesn’t help that her phone gets no reception. They both then left out for the club that Zorander and Faith went to. Faith invited Joshua who was a little wary (Virgil smoothed things over with Rebecca and she wasn’t angry). With help from Faith, Susan looked her best for the get together. However, it was soon ruined by the people Faith remembered at the meeting with the vampires at the bowling alley. As the crew left (after Faith saw them looking at her from across the room) they began to follow her home. Zorander delayed there pursuit by sapping the velocity from the car, making it much slower and easily out distanced it till home. Zorander and Susan quickly went to his room. Later that night, they heard the screech car tires outside. Upon investigation, the mail box and car was spray-painted yellow. Cinderella informed them that this was a tactic they used to distract. They crawled back to the house. They saw something in the distance that could be a sniper, but it turned out to be only a dog on a roof. When Virgil used spacial mapping, he found a huge rat in the basement. Upon probing it with mind, it turned out that it sneaked in while everyone was outside and sent here to spy on people. Virgil then let it free to return to the house it came from with false memories and mentally rode shotgun to follow it to the destination, which was home to the vampires that Faith had previous met.

Cloudy, with a chance of dragon.

The game picks up with Both Faith and Zorander wondering what happened to Issac, since he never returned from the meeting last night. Faith Called him a with no response. She became worried and called Cali, asking her to go shopping. She agreed and Dr Hendricks followed behind them respectfully watching over Zachary’s Daughter. Even though George protested about going out of there territory to the city mall, where they know for a fact that the pure are numerous there, he eventually remained silent. When they got there, Zorander, Faith, Cali and George went to Spencer’s. However, George ran into Razor-Howl while there, a elder Fire Touched member of the Pure. She asked him to step outside the store. She began try and persuade him to leave the Forsaken and join up with the Pure, and even offering very valid points. George said he’ll think about it (he lied) and began to everyone out of the mall.
Faith dropped them off there house and her and Zorander went to the Golden Coral to eat. They got a text saying to report any sightings of David “Diamond” Walker if anyone spots him. Faith called Rebecca and she filled them in on what happened the night before and of Virgil’s whereabouts. They went home only to find that there was a strange spirit activity in the house. The house rocked back and forth as if tornado went though it..but there wasn’t anything wrong outside. They called Virgil to see what was there. After scrying, he couldn’t see anything wrong. But Faith was sensing disturbances of a spiritual nature, regardless. Virgil used spirit to look past the Gauntlet to find that there houses’ spiritual refection was missing its roof!. They went outside where Faith was amazed to see a 100 foot Storm Dragon circling the sky. Back in the physical realm, it seemed like a storm front move in at an unnaturally alarming rate. They called Virgil back and he handed the phone to John Seeks-The-Truth. John sent one of his Cabal mates to assist. While they were waiting for him to show up, The dragon was creating more and more adverse weather, with Zorander trying to stall for time. Once the assistant got there, he introduced himself as Joshua Thane. He began to explain the Nature of this particular Spirit. Only for the spirit, who became enraged that something was impeding its weather altering attempts, to attempt to cause a tornado at the heart of the city, which Zorander wasted little time using High Speech and pushing his magic as hard as he could to avert this catastrophic event. Joshua then opened a gateway across across the Gauntlet for Zorander and Faith to cross. After crossing the Gauntlet, Zorander made another attempt to halt the Tornado and the spirit realized where the disturbance was coming from. Meanwhile at the Locus, George notices something long and blue in the sky after becoming worried about the rapid change of weather. After leaving the forest, he saw the Dragon and hurried back and asked Zachary to come with him to this creature. When they got there, Joshua was successfully renegotiating the terms on which he was sent here. After some talking with the group and some introductions, the Dragon came back. After harshly questions why Forsaken were here a deal was made to Fetter the spirit until it was healed. Joshua then fettered it to a Metal rod that Zorander and faith found in the basement. And Joshua asked his new Forsaken acquaintances to assist with feeding the Storm Dragon spirit, to which Zachary agrees because having such a powerful spirit on their side would GREATLY improve their odds against the Pure.
With the crisis fixed, Faith invited Joshua to dinner, which he gladly said yes. While she was getting ready, Joshua, impressed with Zorander, invited him to his Legacy. When she came back out, they ordered Chinese food and drank the night away. While Joshua was unable to old his alcohol, Faith made sure he could preform for her needs and escorted him back to her room where the scene fades to black…

Romeo and Juliet

The scene picks up with Issac and Zorander on the way to the locus to meditate and Zorander got hit on by Susan. They then informed the pack that George and Cali were being questioned by Chain Wu. Not knowing who this person is, they sent Susan back with them to make sure she was gone.
The next day Ryan Stormbreaker, a Sentinel, was killed in a parking lot by multiple gang members unloading on him with sub-machine guns. This news rocked the Consilium. Later in the day, Chain Wu contacted George wanting to meet him at his house. When she got there, She informed them they needed to follow her. When they got there she began making sure that David (who she was about to have them engage) couldn’t see them via his divination with a “Shield of Chronos” spell. She then took them to the apartments. She told them that two forbidden lovers were in one of the rooms and she wanted George and Cali to be the lover’s cold shower. She had them go in, but then she sealed the door up after them. Things looked like they were about to escelate so Cali immediately used an aura ability that make aggressive actions emotionally difficult. They saw David “Diamond” Walker (who they had never met) being intimate with a pale but very attractive woman under the covers, this confused both sides greatly. After some yelling and telling them to leave, they couldn’t, because to the door was still sealed. A fight broke out between David and George after George went berserk and broke the door down. David was going to rely on his silver “brass” knuckles, but Chain Wu never relinquished the spell she had put on them and still had control of it, which she withdrew as she left making the silver turn back into brass. After some heavy blows, and David being thrown over the balcony to the parking lot below, Cali was interrogated by Divine (the woman who was having sex with David) they found out “the police lady,” which Diamond knew to be Chain Wu, was the one who drove them here. They left soon after to find that Chain Wu had driven away and she didn’t like how it played out.
Later that night, Faith went and lied to most of the other Consilium saying that she was leaving, in actuality she left to go meet with the Invictus elders to tell them that Chain Wu is the instigator. She then runs into Chad Thompson, who bought her lots alcohol. Upon going back to her cabal house Zorander recognized him, but the offer of booze turned his attention elsewhere. When Issac arrived, he was displeased about the presence of a sleeper inside his cabal and Faith being shitfaced AGAIN. He then makes an illusion of a “Free Xbox” Truck drive by, causing Chad to give chase, just as Zorander tried to read any magnetic strips he had on him (credit cards, debit cards, ect) but all he got was his driver’s license. Issac then told Zorander to park the car around back and change its ownership to them. Zorander parked the car in the back, and changed the color to black for 24 hours and found the title in the glovebox, which he was relieved to find because any VIN changes he made with magic wouldnt have been permanent, and he proceeds to fake a bill of sale for $500 using knowledge from Chad’s driver’s license.
Faith is quite drunk at this point, hitting on anyone in reach of her. Around 3 a.m. the Council calls a emergency meeting and Issac was to attend to. He got there and immediately began casting mental and physical shields in front of them, only rousing there suspicion. They informed him that Chain Wu’s house has been burned down and The Sentinels were ambushed when they were called in to assist. Several were killed and the rest injured. David walker was strangely absent…

The heist!

The game starts out with 2 weeks going by uneventfully. However, when Cail, George and Faith were at the hospital, the doors locked down the rooms and alarms went off. When George went to the front desk to see what was going on, it was a inmate escape in progress. When Faith went to the fire escape to see what was going on, she heard several people coming down. She went behind the door and tried to barricade it but there were too many of them and they mowed the door down, throwing her to the floor. One of the werewolves leaped and mauled a security guard. When they started to file out of the lobby, Cali came around the corner and shifted into Garou form after she heard Faith screaming and attacked one of the Pure in Dalu form. The one in Dalu form shifted into Garou, as well as three others and proceeded to maul Cali mercilessly while the other 4 escaped. George seeing the melee, shifted into Garou form and joined the fray. After exchanging several blows, Cali flew into a Deathrage and fled the lobby, followed by George. The hospital was in chaos, but thankfully Faith kept a cool head and got the security guard who was mauled to the emergency room. The police showed up and began to question everyone involved. The investigator took an interest in Faith and George (who were on video tape during this outbreak). He asked some questions and then told them to meet him outside after work. They did so and he took them to the police department for further questioning. It was Chain Wu (who George had no idea about) that was doing the questioning. After grilling George and berating Faith, she told the pair they were free to go, saying she would clean this mess up.
Meanwhile, Zorander and Issac were getting adjusted to their new cabal house. Isaac’s job kept him late. Faith, didn’t want to be alone, so she went to the bar. She meet an attractive, insensitive guy and went back with him to his apartment with his entourage. He got kinda frisky and bit into her neck, revealing to be a Vampire. He then went a little mad (from mage blood) and told everyone to leave. She went home with the holes in her neck, falling asleep and missing class. Zorander stayed up most of the night researching. Issac got up to find that Faith missed class. He didn’t want to disturb her so he worked out with Cinderella. After the workout, he noticed the bite marks on her neck. Both Issac and Cinderella had adverse reactions to this. Issac then went off to jog after informing Rebecca and Chain Wu about the attack. He noticed an odd note by chance on George’s door..
During the meeting, which Faith was late too, The council brought up and voted on several subjects. One of them was paradox rulings and penalties which was voted down. The next one was nominations for Heirarch, which Rebecca and David were nominated. The other two were Declarations of aggression against werewolves and vampires respectively. The former was voted down but the latter was approved, shocking the Consilium and greatly dismaying David Walker. Even Zorander and Faith openly questioned Issac’s judgement.
During the night George and Cali got back, they went to the locus were Zach, David and Susan were staying. He brought them dinner and the both of them stayed that night. The next morning, Cali spent some time teaching George his first ritual. He then found the odd note when he got back to his house. Around 5pm George was greeted by the notes apparent author named Meg, who said her mother had him as a doctor. She snooped around the house untill Issac showed up and then she quickly made her exit.
Chain Wu showed up out of nowhere shortly after this, taking the player characters off guard. While Cali was doing her best to harass her, she flat out told George she knew what he was. She then accused Issac of deceit and fraternizing with the enemy. She then preceded to explain how Faith’s attacker is now beheaded. Even though Issac did his best to rebuff her claims, she told him to leave she had questions she needed to ask George Hendricks. Most of which was the difference between the Pure and Forsaken, as well as the deceitful nature of a Mastigos, which Issac is, …but in trying to explain WHY they are, she forgot to explain WHAT they are…

Woodland Rumble!

The story picks up with Zachary suggesting that he tracks them down personally where Issac (Virgil) last saw them. He and Rebecca agreed to this and went and informed Zorander and inadvertently, Faith. After the pack rounded up its members (minus Zachary, as he had to walk due to lack of room) they headed over to the apartment’s administrations. Faith decided to assist Virgil and Zorander’s agenda and followed after the Pack though the woods. After 15 minutes they came to a bramble patch and a entrance that the mages had to wiggle though to get to the other side. The other side was about 10 degrees higher than the rest of the forest and was quite green and nicely shaded. Almost forgetting, Issac used Avoidance Tactics on everyone to give the group a edge. Those who had Spirit Sight active noticed that the Pure were on the other side of the Gauntlet. After Zachary got there attention, the bloody fight ensued. Zachary instinctively went after the Alpha and Susan and David took on to respective Predator kings. Cali faced off against there totem avatar, a Dire wolf, and George Hendricks engaged another predator king. While the mages were sizing up the situation, two werewolves leaped up and attacked them. One was in Urusha and the other was Garou form. The near wolf missed Zorander and he retaliate with a searing Celestial Fire, the near wolf’s retorts by seizing Zorander by the shoulder with its powerful jaws. Zorander in an act of desperation struck his thumbs into its eyes. The one in Garou ran up and bear hugged Virgil and sank his jaws into him seconds later. After several seconds that seemed like a eternity, both of the mages where taking heavy damage under the pure. However, Faith’s constant healing kept them from perishing under such dire assaults. When Zachary forced his opponent into death rage to flee, He threw his spear at the Pure trying to devour Virgil. And Zorander re-purposed his Unseen Armor into an expanding force around his arm to free himself from the jaws of the near wolf upon him. The rest of them, sensing that several members are fleeing, also followed suit. Except for the Dire wolf pack totem, who was disincorporated by Cali. The remaining Pure member who was dieing was healed by Virgil (fulfilling his virtue of Charity) and placed outside of the Locus area, but not before he got a tuff of his foe’s hair. The group then explored the area that was left, encountering rabbit spirits and a rather slow and demanding willow tree spirit. The mages left to get nitrogen pellets from Lows, but back to the apartment Chain-Wu was waiting in Rebecca’s Apartment. She grilled Virgil on just what he was doing. He countered by saying he was taking care of the werewolves that were defacing the building. She then stated that almost the whole city (probably not the whole city) could hear howling. They left hoping they wouldn’t deal with the woman any more. On the way back to the Willow’s clearing, they were followed into the woods by Bryan. After some quick thinking and some applied uses of a Memory Hole spell (which fades after a week) the group was able to outmaneuver the Mastigos Guardian. When Cali and George woke up from there harsh ordeal the following morning, George decided to take Cali to work (as the rest of the pack were tending to the new locus that just won). Rebecca went around to all the mages in the house informing them there was a mandatory meeting at 5 today. At the meeting, Chain-Wu accused Virgil of fighting an enemy without notifying the rest of the council (which is a mid level offense). However, due to Virgil station, they can’t outright censure him, but they can remove him from his current house. Chain picked the new house members that Virgil would inherit once he decided to start one. The only way for him to stay in Columbia is to form a new house by the end of the month or be banned from Columbia. Faith volunteered herself to be the Fifth member in the cabal house. The move by Chain-Wu, as noted by Rebecca and John seeks-the-truth, reeks of politics and ulterior motives…

The Adventure Begins.....Again.

The story picks up with Dr. Hendricks dropping Oeflia off at a bus station (after she was memory holed of Issac’s life). The Dr. then did some House shopping and finally found a good place to stay. George then went with Issac and Zorander to meet with the Hierarch of Columbia. She said it would be put to a simple vote to see if they would be allowed in or not. While the Dr. and Zachary went back to south of St. Louis to pack, Issac (who is now using a alias “Virgil”) and Zorander stays behind. The next day was filled with Packing and moving for the werewolves. By the time they finally got to there house in Columbia, the Mages were having there meeting, but it was with the entire Consillium! After some harsh questions by Chain-Wu and Zorander getting insulted, it was put to a vote. They both got 3/4 majority vote. They choice to stay at the house of Thorn, A silver ladder cabal. Rebecca showed them to there room (which was her apartment). They then got to meet the rest of the cabal upstairs. Issac wowed them by pulling out hundreds of books he took with him via the Pocket Realm spell. After putting the books up, they were briefly introduced to Faith, but only in passing.
The next day, Issac, Zorander and Rebecca go shopping for new clothes. While Cali and George do the same. They however, accidentally run into a rather large pack of the Pure. They also ran into Faith, but the meeting was short, as they had to make a quick get away from the aggressive werewolves. After using their Gift Any Beast to lose the pack, they quickly and quietly left back to there house, with Issac being there talking to the rest of the pack. When they got there, they told Zachary (they thought there were talking in private) that a pack of pure came to attack them in the mall. Soon after they got done talking, Rebecca called Issac saying to get back to the chapter house. When Issac and Zorander arrived all the house doors where smeared with animal blood. After Issac called Zachary about it, he said it was something that werewolves do to mark there territory. After Issac casts a ban on werewolves, a meeting was called for the cabal with instructions to stay calm, stay in groups and use safety precautions. After several hours and Issac going out to drink with Faith (who actually got done working all day with George Hendricks at the hospital), the Pure came back and began to paint the doors with blood again. Soon after, Issac was walking up with faith over his shoulder (she drank too much) he was silently surrounded by Werewolves in Dalu Form. After Issac asked them want they wanted and standing there as they raised there hands and Giant club to swing down, he then in the nick of time teleported. After calling Zach again for advice, Issac used Obfuscate to walk outside to take over a rabbit to find out where they where. One of them morphed out of the darkness to eat said rabbit. He went back inside and they both (Issac and Zorander) took turns being on vigil. The werewolves left soon after the rabbit suicide. Issac then Had Rebecca (after much protest) meet with a different set of werewolves (the ones they knew) to discuss how to deal with the “pure” as Zack called them. Zachary then said he might have a way to find where they were….he quickly transformed into Voltron zeroed in on the life signs of the rival pack and blasted them all back to hell with his shoulder missile. As a plane crashed in the background we all knew that Arpad was dead as well, and our ST had just gotten REALLY high.


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