Tome of the Moon

The end of Columbia

The Archmage has the last laugh as this game starts with Guardians securing the place and following through Issac’s then Garret’s portal only to find the Obelisk and a truly dead Garret. The Guardians follow up with an investigation, but lead to nothing so they hide Garret’s death to maintain a stronger hold upon the Consilium. Johny and Faith had sex. Rebecca and Issac become scapegoats for the death of the Guardian’s Archmage. Issac gets banish by the Silver Ladder and Rebecca steps down as Heirarch and leaves for family in Seattle.

Meanwhile, Faith is forced to have a meeting with Tol-cal’on. And Tol-cal’on forces Faith’s familiar to gorge on wyrmlings, and this transforms her familiar into a fire dancer (and secretly a spy for the court). Tol-cal’on mentions he wishes for Forsaken heads on a spear. So, in fear of her werewolf allies, Faith travels to the Locus to warn Zachary and his pack that Tol-cal’on is out and after them. They moved to the lake temporarily, and the Locus was burned to the ground a few hours later. Soon after that, The Consilium was attacked by Tol-cal’on and his spirit court dukes. With Paul, Disir, Cinderella and the 5 remaining Guardians being obliterated or very badly burned and Zorander almost following suit, if not for Faith healing him…and for her trouble, Zorander was again hit by a Duke’s Blast numina and cast Personal Invisibility hoping he could endure the pain until the spirits leave to make his escape. Johnny trying to get in and rescue Faith degraded a wall with his mastery of the Death Arcanum to enter, only for another Duke who had influence in gravity to pin him to the ground. Realizing Faith’s and Zorander’s hopeless predicament and not wishing to join it, Johnny shifts across to the Twilight realm. Faith realizing she could not win, offers a surrender if they stop attacking and she was taken with a burned, invisible Zorander via the spirit duke’s gravity control, which Zorander escapes by grabbing onto a doorway and pulling out of the gravity field while Faith was taken across the Gauntlet via Joshua’s Spirit Gate to the Shadow Realm. This was the last people have seen of her.

Issac, having his own problems, was relieved to find out that Garret was in fact dead. However, he was banished from the states regardless. He then learned that almost half the city of Columbia is up in flames. Ignoring the banishment, he foolishly heads back to the states. The city was burned and half the city flooded and on fire only a hour after the attack on the consililum. However, Information about Issac’s immediate return sparked a Man hunt for him by the Guardians. His current location is unknown, but he is to this day still sought after.

As Zorander was without clothes, wallet or phone he opted to keep concentrating on his Invisibility until his next move could come. And he saw Johnny appear, enter his car and leave. Not knowing who else to trust, Zorander begins the long, arduous walk to Dr Hendricks while still invisible. Praying Tol-cal’on’s wrath has not befallen Susan or the other Forsaken…his only remaining spirit allies as the city burns. Badly burned and not finding anyone, Zorander takes it upon himself to fight the unstoppable army by himself. He remains missing in action. While there are numerous burned bodies, none of them are recognizable. Some speculate that he died from backlash fighting against Tol’cal-on’s army.
Joshua Thane remains at large. Rumor’s are rampant as to what happened. One theory stats that if Tol’cal-on Transformed to a greater incarne and Joshua fled using his power as a cover. However, Spirits of know of Tol’cal-on, but have lost track of him and haven’t heard any word of this ascension. The other Theory is that a 3rd party stepped in and they all fled, but this too is faulty as there is no evidence or witnesses supporting this.

An Archmage Visits

The game starts in the morning with Zorander showing off by casting Repair Object before Susan and reforming a savaged TV in an instant to her amazement. And he follows this up by offering a way to beat Garret’s flight and invisibility, which she accepts and Zorander attempts to find a wand-like instrument only to find a wooden spoon, and casts Imbued Item to put Supernal Dispelation and followed up with a small training session so she could get a feel for it. Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice Chapter House, Chain-Wu was bringing a old man to meet with Issac. The old man claimed to be an Archmage of the Prime Arcanum and he wanted to discuss Garret, revealing his real name to be [insert Garret’s real name here] and his League of Evil involvement with Arpad Capporetti. Issac mentions the Obelisk which really intrigues the Archmage as he starts to envision a trap. Issac asks if they have time to visit a friend, makes a call so Zorander knows he’s coming, needs mana and is taking an Archmage to visit the Obelisk. Zorander not wanting to miss an Archmage in action asks if he can join them, which the Archmage refuses. Issac shows up and Zorander creates a Hallow and transfers the Hallow’s five mana plus one of his own to Issac and wishes him a safe journey.

[whatever Faith was doing]
[Issac’s trip to the cave]
[Garret’s counterattack]
[Garret kills Archmage]
[Issac loses it]

The Wicked Plot..

The game picks up with Zorander watching news of a forest fire raging across north of Columbia to south west of St. Louis. Fire marshals are saying that the fire is troublesome and resilient. The next day, after Andrew brings home a kill and Cali’s stocks have risen by 10 cents, The Andrew saw Zachary having an audience with a strange spirit in the Shadow Realm. When Zach crossed back across the Gauntlet, He states that Cali, Andrew and himself will be taking a long trip, so eat plenty of Bear (the animal that Andrew killed) before we head out. Along their trip, the trio dodged the forest fire and made there way north of St. Louis. They first came across a make shift deer stand with a hunter perched on top. They waited till his replacement came in. The Pack first cut him down without any noise. Andrew dressed up in this man’s clothes to act as the replacement and fooled the current hunter in the deer stand to come down. The kill was quick and they buried his remains after Andrew stripped them of their belongings (money, new clothes, ect). They waited till about sundown, till they smelled a strange smell of Cologne. Then after like a minute of confusion, They all started hearing voices in there heads. And a body fell from the sky, which the pack ran up and attacked, only to turn out that is was an Illusion. After some further taunting from the invisible opponent, “it” bids it’s farewell. Andrew determined from a gift that the attacker is in the trees flying. Before they could hone in on the unseen enemy, it was gone. (unbeknownst to them, they were also victim of Multiple Mind affects). Zachary then confessed, that the person they were tracking was a corrupt Will-worker that the spirits deemed a destructive nature. Distraught, the pack went back to Columbia. Meanwhile, Joshua only spent a few hours with Faith, to which he then said that his obligations is making him busy lately. He also mentioned that his Incarna Patron was busy fighting zombie-like creatures southwest of St. Louis. The rest of the day was uneventful besides LeBlart (Paul Blart’s Shadow Name) harassing his new sentential co-worker (who is, ironically, Zorander). When the Pack got back from there, Zorander got a call from Susan, but it turned out to be Andrew. He wanted to know more about “corrupt mages”. Zorander asked faith if she wanted to swing by with him to which she said yes. When they arrived at Doc’s house, (the place they all agreed to meet at) Zorander converses with Andrew about Mages who disregard humanity and are only out for themselves. As Andrew mentions the one they were after, Zorander realizes they mean Garret and activates Supernal Sight to see that Andrew and Cali were afflicted with multiple Magic effects. While carefully examining each spell, one of them triggers Cali to attack any visible spell caster, but Faith was able to counter/suppress it and Cali found herself in Gauru form savaging the T.V. (though it would have been Death Rage without Faith’s intervention). Afterwords, Andrew panics in fear that his mind was violated and he is in great risk of going berserk like Cali, and flees. Zorander, cautious to further tamper with the spells, decides they needed additional help. Meanwhile, Susan tracks down Andrew to his house where he said his mother lived. With Faith’s insistence, the two mages request Benign’s assistance. Benign, though tactless and crass, masterfully dispelled the spells on Andrew (who was cuffed by Susan). As the spells were removed, Andrew was giving descriptions of what he saw in the images. First image of Issac and wanting to kill him and then an image Zachary and wanting to kill him as well. These images only further instilled Paranoia into him.
The Pack, out of fear for their Alpha, convinced Zachary come along and be checked out as well. While showing a surprising amount of insist as to what the spells might do (but still lacking as more skilled mages would know) and surprises Zorander as most people out of the loop understand so little. As Zorander explains Liches and their thirst for human souls to Zachary (omitting that only Awakened Souls extend their lives exponentially), Benign admits to being able to raise the dead, which Zachary gives him a careful warning. And the Mages start to erase the murderous impulses that were placed into Zachary’s mind. Benign theorized, that whoever this guy was, his tactical reasoning was incredible, which Zorander asks Batman or Moriarty?
After the dispels, The Pack, minus Susan, returns to the locus with Andrew saying “bye” to Faith this time. And Benign and Faith return to the Chapter Dorm, leaving Susan and Zorander.

The after math, The rise of Tol'cal-on

The game starts back with the PCs dealing with the devastation that has been wrought on the Consilium. The surviving college age members have gone back home, leaving the Council behind, minus John seeks the truth..who is dead. Chain-Wu and Virgil spend days trying to curtail the rumors and large evidence gaps that have been left at the meeting hall. Faith and Zorander where told by Issac to stay at the Locus for safety. After a day, Zachary politely suggested more suitable arrangement be made (the Locus is not a place to hang out with werewolves in other words). They thus relocated to Dr Hendrick’s house for a time.
Several days later, Andrew bags a dear several miles away from the Locus and brings it in. He was almost successful till a sheriff patrol stopped him for bagging a dear out of season. Andrew prudently used Mask of Rage to scare of the officer before heading back. He the offered to split the carcass between the pack mates. Soon after that, the pack participated in the rite of the spring equinox, lasting till sun down till sun up. Meanwhile, Joshua calls Faith to asking how she is and after both meeting, Joshua took her to where John seeks the truth used to live. The way up there was littered with burned trees from the after math of a forest fire. All he said was that he wanted her to meet someone across the gauntlet. Agreeing, Joshua created a spirit road to the hell-like inferno that was waiting for them in the shadow realm. The land was burned to s cinder, with dozens of fire elementals milling about looking for things to burn. After harsh questioning towards Joshua from a larger fire elemental, they approached the bronze coated area. In the center of this royal fire court was a man made of molten metal on a bronze throne. Joshua introduced him as Tol’cal-on. Then after some awkward social exchanges and providing chimmerage (gold), Tol’cal-on branded her (as almost a command as apposed to a request) with the royal symbol denoting rank, name and heritage. He then bound a fire elemental to her brand which then became a tattoo fetish. and the two left the bronze arena with Faith teasing Joshua about Tol’cal-on’s comment of her making less noise than him.
Several days past and Faith had lunch with Rebecca while giving the books back that they burrowed. Faith and Zorander then attended the meeting at the new Chapter House. With only a handful of Consilium members left, The meeting was much more low key. The only major announcement was that with Rebecca’s funding, they have bought out the old dormitory and gave it substantial security upgrades. The library’s would be relocated to this location and most amenities would be provided. Both Faith and Zorander enthusiastically agreed to this arrangement. When Zorander went back to the house, Susan was drying off in the living room. After a touching moment, Zorander forgave Susan for what happened several weeks ago, to Susan’s delight. Faith also told Andrew that she was moving. While Andrew was stoic in his response, it was still hard and painful to interact with her due to the memory of the concussion still remained. While saying that he was fine as long as she is safe, he later took his frustration out on local animals for choosing not the best suited words. Faith went and picked up several items from both the old mage house and Dr. Hendricks. She asked what room Joshua was taking and she decided to take the room across from his on the 1st floor.

(I’m omitting the last part of the story where they were driving off as that should be a bit more dramatic than that)

The Uninvited Guests

The game picks up with several days after the incident between the pack and mages. Faith goes to the Locus and while trying to console a despondent Susan. However, a tiny investigator tracked her to the locus. Andrew, picking up on the scent of the wee man, started to track him. The small detective dove into some brambles trying to evade capture. George and Cali assisted Andrew in cornering the intruder. They enlisted the aid of a squire, but the midget was too powerful for it. Faith then enhanced its strength, but still couldn’t capture him. Finally she made the brambles pick him up and move him out from clearing. Andrew flung with wee man closer to the Locus, while Susan informed Zach of the terrible Midget. After seizing him up (didn’t take long) He commanded the tiny man to lie about there location and to feed Arpad misinformation. Half of the Pack bought him out to the highway where the detective did his best to misdirect Arpad. After Arpad listened to what the wee man said, he bid the Detective goodbye and said his services are no longer required. They (Cali, George, Andrew and Faith) brought him back to the Locus where Zach placed his fate in the hands of the Mages. They took the wee-man up to where John Seeks-The-Truth lives after several failed attempts to get ahold of Joshua. They arrived To find hardly anyone being home expect one of the house members outside smoking. He cast Pear Across the Gauntlet to get John’s attention. Joshua was the first to step though, however he was drenched in sweat. At first he didn’t know what to make of the tiny man till John stepped though and looked at him saying he was perhaps a cryptid, a creature that modern science denies they exist such as a Unicorn. While he said it was nice to see Faith again while Andrew was giving him evil eye. Joshua likewise shoot an almost insidious, knowing look back at him. The four of them back to the mage house where Faith found replacement clothes for the 3 members that went with her. They also took much needed showers. They went back to the Locus and Faith back to Rebecca’s.
Things were quite till Tuesday at the Consilium meeting. The meeting started off normal, with the Spirit Chess game being canceled for the year. They also voted on war with the Pure, which was shot down. Then, strangely, supernatural activity started happening outside the meeting room. With some silent flashes and barely audible screams, The Consilium head members looked to see what was happening. Several seconds later, six figures came though the door, almost causally. The front man was wearing glasses with a conservative but still attractive look for a man who looked to be in his mid twenties. Flanked by him was a man in a business suit and sunglasses, holding a blooded broadsword. A giant of a man with clawed hands, chalk white skin and red eyes. A women in business causal with green skin and red lips, holding a rapier. A lofty, almost majestic woman in a Victorian-era still outfit wielding a Two handed battle club. And a Gothic girl in a mini-skirt holding a gladius. The man in front said, “Sorry to intrude on your meeting but-” and was cut of by Chain-Wu saying “You need to leave right now, this is a private meeting”. Recovering, The man countered,
“Okay then, Just one quick question, do any of you know an Issac Byrne”? After some whispering and hushed tones. He grinned but before he got a word out, Chain-Wu began casting a spell, and the man skillfully countered. The rest of the 5 sprang into action. The woman in with the Rapier went directly for Zorander, slashing at him repeatedly, spilling blood in many directions. The rest of the group went to work on the Consilium, with the giant one hitting Chain-Wu with a mighty blow. The one in the business suit started to assault John while John was trying to slip to safety across the Gauntlet. Johny Benign tried to rush up and help John, but wrath crushed John with a sickeningly powerful blow. Johnny trying to counter, but was tag-teamed by The Victorian woman and the Giant. Joshua successfully cast Spirit Road, escaping. Rebecca used Complete Invisibility. And the rest of the Consilium was torn between helping and running. This hesitation would prove fatal, as the invaders where terrifyingly lethal and quick after they didn’t have the Consilium heads to worry about. Zorander, to make matters worse, had to fend off against two intruders when the goth girl started slashing at him as well. The soon however, found themselves also invisible (thanks to Rebecca) and the managed to slip out. The rest of the Consilium, with a handful escaping, were getting decimated by the assailants. Then out of no where, Issac (who had been scrying on the location) teleported inside to get Chain-Wu out of the room. Just when he was about to Teleport, The man with the glasses Counter-Spelled his magic. With the rest of the intruders looking on with a victorious glee, Zorander was looking on with scrying to see what all was happening. He tried to Channel Mana to Issac, but the Mystery Man saw and without thinking, Counter-Spelled this as well. This provided Issac one last chance to flee, and he succeeded in doing so with Chain-Wu in tow. After Teleporting to Rebecca’s Library, with the last of his mana, he healed Chain-Wu to make sure that could recover. Faith and Zorander showed up soon after, confused as to what happened. Zorander gave 5 mana to Issac as Faith healed the rest of Chain-Wu’s more grievous injuries and left for work soon after. Rebecca showed up after that. Chain-Wu woke up while they were conversing and Issac volunteer to help mitigate the damage that was caused by their assailant’s rampage that happened at the meeting. She accepted and they both spent most of the night trying to cover it up. At the hospital, Faith was able to save Cinderella from dieing, but used Vulgar magic to do so. After the night was done, Issac informed Zorander and Faith to go to the Locus, perhaps the last safe place left in Columbia….

The calm before the storm

The mages get done with cleaning the part of the floors in the dormitory. They went back after getting much done in the 3rd floor but not so much in the 2nd (Faith’s new Familiar saw to that). They went home soon after. The next morning, Susan called Zorander asking for both him and Faith. Zorander asked why and her reply was because of Zach’s request. When they arrived they were greeted with a somber Zach and at his flank were Susan and Andrew. Zach then states in the Urtha tongue, "On my mark, Andrew attack Faith and Susan attack Zorander. Both the packmates where stunned by this decree, but they recovered and charged their respective targets. After some rough housing, Zach commanded them to stop and the assailants fled after the fact. Faith received a concussion and had hazy memory’s of what transpired. Zorander was angry and confused, so Zach offered him the chance to strike back, which Zorander refused at first. Then Zachary offered the Spear of Tol’cal-on to Zorander. Zorander choose not to use the spear, mostly for lack of skill, and in a mental coin flip he made the choice to sear a hole into Zachary’s hand, much akin to a wound of Jesus. They both left emotionally shocked. And along the way out, they passed a hurried Joshua, who explained he was heading to the Forsaken bearing items for barter.
When he got there he asked for Zachary, who answered when he stepped back from the Guantlet. Joshua began to barter for the Spear of Tolcal-on with other fetishes and Imbued items. They finally settled on the above plus him summoning a new totem for the pack. Ironically, the Locus’s Totem answered that call. Meanwhile, at the Dormitory, Issac had company who were slowly making there way up the stairs. The company turned out to be Arpad, an obese man, a well dressed lady, and an indie model. They were zoning in on him when he tried to distract them with a clone, but Arpad saw though this. Issac then Teleported outside to escape, but ran into another person who he thought was “one of them” and after ducking between two cars, he Teleported again this time to the Silver ladders’ chapter house library. He then went down stairs to inform Rebecca that he’s going to lay low for a while. She only asked that you keep her in contact if he needed anything.

Later that day, Andrew was heading out with George and Cali to get new clothes and a new chain when the fat man passed (the one who poisoned Faith earlier) them in his truck. He rushed up to the truck and jumped in. Cali followed suit except she used a gift that turned the rear axle to putty and the bed of the truck crashed to the ground. Andrew didn’t notice a rather attractive man laying low in the bed of the truck that he jumped into. After the Fat Man got out cursing who ever did it Andrew jumped over to the hood of the truck, where the Fat Man and Andrew got into a taunting match and the attractive man said he would take the challenge and started to grow bone claws from his fingertips and just as he was about to attack Andrew, he was stopped by George who had earlier used Any Beast to take the form of a dog. Cali also joined the assault in Any Beast’s dog form and Andrew, seeking vengeance, went Garou form to attack the Fat man…in the middle of the street, IN TRAFFIC! (yes, there was a panic and a multiple-car pileup.)

The fight took almost 30 seconds before both the semi-human beings started to fall back and act strangely. The Fat Man started to swallow his hands and the Attractive Man ripped off his penis and ate it. Afterwords, both of there bodies dissolved in a spectacular way. However, the pack started having strange…urges. George peered across the Gauntlet to find two horrifying creatures. One, a giant blob with tendrils, mouths and eyes. The other a perfectly shaped man from the torso up. from the waist down, a goat. The pack quickly retreated and once at the Locus, they informed Zachary what happened and Zach determined that the assailants were actually humans who were spirit-claimed by Malajins, or Vice Spirits…
Apocalypse now! Subtle Invasion

The game starts off two days after the “Team Pure vs Team Forsaken Battle Royal at the Locus”™. The remaining pure have healed there wounds and joined the Hunters of Darkness, Issac finally returns from St. Louis, and Andrew officially joins the Storm lords. On Tuesday, George, while at work, gets asked a personal question and is shown to a private room. After some odd conversation, the woman literately pulls her skin off to reveal a young woman with chalk white skin, bleached hair and 1/3 her face covered in porcelain. She asks him where she could find Issac and his associates. He half way tells the truth and for his troubles, she leaves behind a large stack of bills. Then when Cali was leaving class (because George told her that they were both leaving) Cali bumped into a man while she was leaving. On the way to the Locus, Cali gets a call from the cell phone that was planted in her shirt. The voice said to meet him in front of city hall and come alone at 5 p.m. George and Cali went back to the pack’s Territory and told Zachary, who then told them to stay away from the hospital for a bit. Cali insisted on going, but Zach made sure she took George and Susan with her. George in the mean time informed Issac that there were people after him. He then asked Chain what he should do and she got him a new place in a closed dormitory on campus. At the Consilium meeting, Chain-Wu announced that David Walker is dead for his crime of treason. They tried to pass some things, but Issac has been removed from the board (due to not having enough house members) so it kept coming up as ties. Meanwhile, at the meeting that Cali was having, The gentleman introduced himself as Mister Capporetti. He asked questions about Issac and what places he normally goes. After he got what he wanted, he then gave Cali a small bag of Diamonds! with that information he sent a living leprechaun to spy on the mages at there meeting. The wee-man followed Faith to Joshua’s house and he shrank his size and hid in her car. After going to the movies and waiting for hours, she dropped Joshua off and she finally got back to her house. He reported this to Mister Capporetti, who sent the Fat Man. A huge individual (who was clearly inhuman upon close examination) waddled up the stairs, asking around for Faith and Zorander. After Faith confirmed she was one of the two, he gave her a package and proceeded to leave, eating Funyuns along the way. He couldn’t get down the stairs, so he jumped off and Slammed into the ground, shattering the concrete, he got up with out seeming any damage. After Zorander examined the package, it turned out to be a large Chocolate bar. Faith then ate it but got sick soon after. It turned out that to be Arsenic. Zorander alerted Issac, who was at the Locus and Andrew went there as well. The both them arrived at the same time, wondering what happened. After Faith purged the toxin from her system into a zip-lock bag, she told Issac how she ate candy from a fat man she didn’t know, Andrew became confused, labeling all three of them as crazy, and left. When he left, Andrew (who now shifted to wolf form) caught a wee man (who was watching from the bushes the entire time) collect some of the slime the Fat Man left when he slammed into the Sidewalk. Andrew growled at the tiny man as he back up defensively. The wee man started to grow all the way up to a large adult, banging on the doors around the apartment. Rebecca Siren answered the door. She told him to close his eyes, and she pointed at Andrew (who she remember when he was a Member of the Pure and terrorized the apartment). Andrew fled immediately. On his way back, he caught wind and saw some small girl walking in the woods close to where the locus was. After game of cat and mouse, it turned out to the the strange girl from the hospital that meet with George. After Andrew let out a warning howl, The Chalk white Marionette charged him with blinding speed. The fight was brutal, with Andrew retreated after receiving heavy damage. The rest of the pack arrived but she had escaped. The next day, Issac was cleaning the dormitory when he thought it would be nice to have help so he called Faith and Zorander. The wee man, having staked out the house beginning in the morning, Followed them to the dormitory. Issac was paranoid and used 2 faced when meeting them. Investigating the Dormitory, they found a stack of beer kegs that have been collecting dust for years. They then meet a odd young lady who had writing all over her face and light smoke coming from her nose. Not knowing what it was, they called Joshua and tried there best to not alarm the spirit. Upon getting there, Joshua explained that it was a spirit of fun and that the beer kegs where the fetter and a locus. After some convincing, The spirit (named Abby Gale) agreed to becoming Faith’s Familiar. And Joshua explained the Familiar Pact spell which Faith cast and succeeds.

Crushing Defeat, the end of the Predator kings.

The session starts off with the Pure surrounding the Locus across the Gantlet. With everyone preparing or deciding what to do, Silver Wolf (the avatar who is assigning in the attack) makes the first move by attacking the Willow tree spirit. Zachary moved around to start a counter-attack followed by the rest of his pack, but not the mages who do not possess the ability to cross the Gantlet. Cali pulled the sword fetter from the stone before crossing and did her best to convince the sleeping Lung Ryujin to rise and assist. Duncan and Iron-claw attack each other relentlessly, even growling Cali’s attempt to assist. She then focused her attention on the pack avatar who Lung Ryujin just stuck with thunderous lightning. The rest of the Pure pack assault a grossly outnumbered Zachary, David, Susan and George. Two grappled Zach but George savagely attack one of Zach’s attackers, freeing him. Meanwhile, back across the Gauntlet, two Pure materialize looking at both Zorander and Faith. Which Zorander grabs Faith and attempts an aerial escape via Levitation spell, however the Pure managed to jump up, grab hold and pull him back to the ground and proceeded to bite and rip at them even after Faith used degrade the form on them. These two sensing their Pack’s plight dropped their attack on Zorander and Faith to go back across the Gantlet to assist the rest of there pack. After finishing off the Silver Wolf avatar, Cali receives a vicious attack from the Ivory Claw elder and pretended to feign a retreat. The Ivory Claw elder followed Cali around the Willow Tree spirit to a temporary clearing, and sharing the same fate of his totem avatar, Lung Ryujin’s electric wrath. The rest of the Ivory Claws fled once they felt their ancient alpha’s death-howl. David was flanked and bite at relentlessly until he fled, but Zachary struck down the last assailant. David, almost on the verge of death, summoned what strength he had left and went across the Gauntlet to be healed by Faith. Zachary told George to try and save as many fallen Pure as possible. George was able to save 3 of them but couldn’t save the last one. Andrew having (presumably) emerged victorious over his foe, reluctantly accepting healing but went back to brooding, having just murdered his former alpha. As the Forsaken pack tend to the wounded and bury the dead, Zorander and Faith return to Rebecca’s and ask her assistance in retaking their cabal house. Upon arrival, nothing else is out of place and quickly the two round up some changes of clothes and several tomes over the Disciple level of Spirit Arcani, and leave back to Rebecca’s library.

Andrew went though his Rite of initiation. The rest of the wounded pack, two of them being forced to battle regardless of being pregnant by Duncan (and both lost their child during the battle), expressed interest in seeking Luna’s forgiveness and wishing to join one of the moon tribes. Faith And Zorander, wishing to correct the horrible tactical error of not being able to affect or interact with the shadow realm, ravenously studied the Spirit Arcanum until exhaustion. With Joshua’s help (who focused mainly on Faith), Faith and Zorander spent several days even up to Saturday night practicing there craft and managing both to achieve the rank of Disciple of the Spirit Arcanum. Meanwhile, Cali went to Walmart and bought supplies with George, seeing how the mouths to feed have increase, and they both have gained a stronger understanding of rites. They both prepare for the reconciliation rites and initiation rights for the 3 former Predator kings…

Revenge in the wind.

The game starts off with Faith waking up in the hospital outpatient room. Dr. Hendricks, who was assigned to out patient that day, stopped in to see how she was doing. Zorander wakes up from sleeping in the waiting room to find a rather ominous note stuck to his forehead. It read “Tell the leader of the Forsaken to meet me at the Will-workers house at 9 p.m. tonight. Come alone.” He made some calls, distressed over this news. Faith noticed that a rather large amount of jewelry has been left at the foot of her bed. When Cali was in class, this creepy guy (Puppy-chan) demanded that she have lunch with him and that she pay for it. She then told her about her much hotter “sister” Faith. Meanwhile, The rest of the group meet Johnny Benign, who didn’t make the best of first impressions. When Faith walked back into her room after visiting with Joshua, she found the same guy who was stalker her at the jogging trail not just a couple of weeks ago. She promptly left but Puppy-chan was following her. When he started getting cocked blocked, Puppy-chan then went Nova. He tried to stab at Faith, who dodged and stuck her attack with a morphine drip. Zorander did his best to try and pull him off of her, with little success. He then fled after paranoia sank in. Security chased after Puppy-chan and subdued him. Johny Benign came back and asked to see if she wanted to hang out with him later, to which she agreed. Later that day, when people where heading home, Dr. Hendricks, Cali and Zorander paid Lung Ryujin a visit and provided Essence and dry ice. He told George that if he needed him to strike a enemy down from the heavens, just call on him. He then demanded to see Joshua who was brought back by George. Joshua forcibly materialized Lung Ryujin who proceeded to the clouds. Joshua suspected that it would not last long. Later that evening, Faith went to Rebecca’s to stay the week there since there house wasn’t exactly safe. Soon after that, She called Johny Benign and they went out, going to the very same bar that she meet the vampires at the last time. When she called Rebecca about where she was going and with who (For Johny didn’t have the most sterling of past in the Consilium) she flips out and took Zorander to find her. When she got there, she and Johny started getting stoned. Unknowingly, Vampires where stalking Faith the moment she went into the club. They stepped outside to smoke in Johny’s car. when they got out, someone punctured his tires. When they went back in, the found Rebeca and Zorander looking for them. When they left the club, Johny’s Tires and windows where smashed. They left the Club, not detecting that they were being followed by one of the vampires.
Meanwhile, at 9, Andrew Iron claw (the Pure member who was spying on the mage house for the last week) Meet with Zachary, the eldest of the Local Forsaken (what little there is). After asking who he was and what makes him who he is, Zachary give a rather convincing informative speech on the ways and means of what it ACTUALLY means to be a Forsaken. Zachary then says that if you wish to start a new life, meet him at the old locus at midnight.
At around the same time, Cali and George were trying to sleep when something landed in there locus shifting around. It was dark, but George used partial change to see that is was a Materialized Lung Ryujin! The Greater Jaggerling’s demeanor had changed dramatically, accusing the werewolves of being to weak to hold the Locus. George then called Faith to get ahold of Joshua to calm the Raging spirit down. The Dragon then went across the Gauntlet to kill the rabbit spirits there. He then fragrantly demanded tribute, with the Forsaken complying. It then peacefully went to slumber. Joshua arrived with faith to secure the spirit back to its Fetter. Zorander stayed that night with Susan and Joshua went back with Faith.
The following day, Andrew spent most of the day preparing for his Rite of Initiation. Faith went to the Locus out of curiosity. When the sun was starting to set and Cali and George were bring back food for the rest of them, they smelled something strange in the wind. This puzzled them but the shock settled in when they looked across the Guantlet to find that The Pure were waiting for them!

The biker with the Dragon Tattoo.

The night picks back up with Faith waking up to go to school/work. Cali and Doctor Hendricks (who now has at least a deeper understanding of spiritual conceptual minds) go to the Hospital as well. Zorander wakes up and tries his best not to wake Susan up while making breakfast. Joshua later goes back but calls Faith and they set up to meet back at the house around 7:30. When Susan woke up, she asked Zorander if he would go back with her to the willow tree, which he accepted. Later that evening, George and Cali join Zachary’s meeting with Chain-Wu. Chain purposed that she effectively needed muscle in protecting the Consilium’s interest. In exchange, Zachary suggested that police patrols be reduced around the park and there activities would go unharmed. Chain also said that she could help with living conditions if it doesn’t hurt the resonance of there dwelling. He said he would need time to make such a weighted decision. Meanwhile, Faith returns from work and notices that someone had broken into the cabal house. Upon inspection, the trash has been gone though and there was food missing. She then heard a sound from outside. Using Sense Life, she found a life form beyond the tree line. She followed it till dark. She got back, she thought she saw Joshua’s car from the back. It wasn’t. Joshua was propped up and beaten against a wall. Then out of no where, a hand reached out and grabbed faith. She countered with a honing the form increasing her strengths dramatically. The seemingly every growing assailant however, punched Faith in the temple. Her next move she decided to sap all her attackers strength. Cursing he fail to his knees yelling at someone to cut her. From behind, an unknown assailant stabbed at Faith repeatedly till she lost consciousness. She awoke at a hospital. Meanwhile, George, Cali and Zach were coming back they saw Ambulances and Police at the mage house. They called Issac and he was there promptly. The scene was almost surreal. A 11 foot tall man tattooed man was laying face down in there yard. His wounds looked as if he was mauled by a bear. When they notified Chain, she waved Dr. Hendricks over to look the body over, but he was utterly baffled as how a man get to this height and size. Cali went inside to get some chips for Faith, When she saw a wolf going though there food in the house. Cali quickly determined that this was one of the Pure. The wolf fled the house, but not before Cali got his name via Know Name. Afterword, her and George go to visit Faith in the Hospital.


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