Tome of the Moon

The Adventure Begins.....Again.

The story picks up with Dr. Hendricks dropping Oeflia off at a bus station (after she was memory holed of Issac’s life). The Dr. then did some House shopping and finally found a good place to stay. George then went with Issac and Zorander to meet with the Hierarch of Columbia. She said it would be put to a simple vote to see if they would be allowed in or not. While the Dr. and Zachary went back to south of St. Louis to pack, Issac (who is now using a alias “Virgil”) and Zorander stays behind. The next day was filled with Packing and moving for the werewolves. By the time they finally got to there house in Columbia, the Mages were having there meeting, but it was with the entire Consillium! After some harsh questions by Chain-Wu and Zorander getting insulted, it was put to a vote. They both got 3/4 majority vote. They choice to stay at the house of Thorn, A silver ladder cabal. Rebecca showed them to there room (which was her apartment). They then got to meet the rest of the cabal upstairs. Issac wowed them by pulling out hundreds of books he took with him via the Pocket Realm spell. After putting the books up, they were briefly introduced to Faith, but only in passing.
The next day, Issac, Zorander and Rebecca go shopping for new clothes. While Cali and George do the same. They however, accidentally run into a rather large pack of the Pure. They also ran into Faith, but the meeting was short, as they had to make a quick get away from the aggressive werewolves. After using their Gift Any Beast to lose the pack, they quickly and quietly left back to there house, with Issac being there talking to the rest of the pack. When they got there, they told Zachary (they thought there were talking in private) that a pack of pure came to attack them in the mall. Soon after they got done talking, Rebecca called Issac saying to get back to the chapter house. When Issac and Zorander arrived all the house doors where smeared with animal blood. After Issac called Zachary about it, he said it was something that werewolves do to mark there territory. After Issac casts a ban on werewolves, a meeting was called for the cabal with instructions to stay calm, stay in groups and use safety precautions. After several hours and Issac going out to drink with Faith (who actually got done working all day with George Hendricks at the hospital), the Pure came back and began to paint the doors with blood again. Soon after, Issac was walking up with faith over his shoulder (she drank too much) he was silently surrounded by Werewolves in Dalu Form. After Issac asked them want they wanted and standing there as they raised there hands and Giant club to swing down, he then in the nick of time teleported. After calling Zach again for advice, Issac used Obfuscate to walk outside to take over a rabbit to find out where they where. One of them morphed out of the darkness to eat said rabbit. He went back inside and they both (Issac and Zorander) took turns being on vigil. The werewolves left soon after the rabbit suicide. Issac then Had Rebecca (after much protest) meet with a different set of werewolves (the ones they knew) to discuss how to deal with the “pure” as Zack called them. Zachary then said he might have a way to find where they were….he quickly transformed into Voltron zeroed in on the life signs of the rival pack and blasted them all back to hell with his shoulder missile. As a plane crashed in the background we all knew that Arpad was dead as well, and our ST had just gotten REALLY high.



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