Cali "Steel-shaper" Wei

The daughter and packmate of Zachary Ellison, and former Chinese star athlete.


DOB:August 7th, 1995
Weight:104 lbs

Name: California Wei Virtue: Temperance
Player: Vance Vice: Pride
Chronicle: Tome of the Moon Auspice: Elodoth Tribe: Iron Masters


Power: Intelligence 3 Strength 3 (4/6/5/3) Presence 2
Finesse: Wits 3 Dexterity 4 (4/5/6/6) Manipulation 3
Resistance: Resolve 2 Stamina 3 (4/5/6/4) Composure 3


Mental Physical Social
Academics (Problem Solving) 1 Athletics 3 Animal Ken 1
Crafts (Metal) 2 Brawl (Claws) 3 Empathy (Identify) 1
Computer (Phones) 3 Drive 1 Expression 1
Investigation 2 Firearms 0 Intimidation 2
Medicine 2 (3) Larceny 1 Persuasion 3
Occult (Spirits) 2 Stealth (Urban) 2 Socialize 3
Politics 1 Survival 2 Streetwise 2
Science 1 Weaponry 2 Subterfuge 1

Other Traits

Renown Merits Flaws
Honor 3 Totem 6
Glory 2 Fast Reflexes 2
Purity 0 Fighting Finesse 2
Wisdom 1 Fleet of Foot 3
Cunning 3 Kung Fu 4
-—— - Fame 1
-—— - Striking Looks 4
-—— - Language, English 3
-—— - Demolisher 2
-—— - Resources 4
p=. *_Gifts_*

1st: Wolf’s-blood lure, Know Name (5 Vs. Resolve+Super-Trait), Partial Change (7), Straighten, See the Spirit Brands
2nd: Snarl of Command (6 Vs. Composure+Super-Trait), Travelers Blessing (6), Anybeast, Ruin
3rd: Aura of Truce (9), Sculpting (5), Iron Treachery


Rite of Dedication (7), Blessing of the spirit Hunt (7), Funeral Rite (7)

Health: 8 (10/12/11/8)
Willpower: 5
Primal Urge: 3
Essence: 12
Per Turn 2
Harmony: 7
Size: 5 (6/7/6/4)
Speed: 15 (16/19/22/20)
Defense: 3 (3/4/4/4)
Armor: 1/0(2/1 Rage)
Initiative Mod: 9 (9/10/11/11)

Cali’s mother, Xian Wei ,was traveling in Nevada as a tourist in the mid-nineties, where her good looks attracted the stare of Zachary, after a few month’s together Zachary found out about her true heritage as a tiger-blood kin, and left not knowing of his child she had sought him out to bear. After a while she let Zach know of his daughter but never told him of her gift, that was prophesied. She changed and was quickly picked up by a pack of Iron Masters and shown the way of the wolf, and the road. She soon sought her kin and made her way by plane then bus to the city of St. Louis, only to find it locked down…………..

Cali was trained in the ancient ways of Kung-fu at the behest of her mother, to prepare her for the battles that were to come, but the ways of the fist have a way of tempering body and soul and led her to her true calling, and the change. A bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

She is 5’ 2" 104 lb. Asian girl with the now, traditional; school girl appearance and demeanor. Though calm she still enjoys the frills of technology and the thrill of the hunt.

After a few months in the middle of war-torn St. Louis, the pack decided to relocate. Cali has been wounded many times and in more ways than one, maybe this will bring her some serenity.

Recently she has decided to take some college classes.
She scored a 24 on her ACT

Cali "Steel-shaper" Wei

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