David "Shadow-tooth" Ellison

Graffiti artist and loyal pack mate.


Apparent Age:late teen’s

Name: David Ellison Virtue: Temperance
Player: NPC Vice: Envy
Chronicle: Tome of the Moon Auspice:Cathalith Tribe: Storm Lords


Power: Intelligence 3 Strength 3(4/6/5/3) Presence 4
Finesse: Wits 4 Dexterity 3 (3/4/5/5) Manipulation 2
Resistance: Resolve 3 Stamina 3 (4/5/5/4) Composure 3


Mental Physical Social
Academics 2 Athletics (Running) 1 Animal Ken 2
Crafts 3 Brawl(Claws) 3 Empathy 1
Computer 1 Drive 1 Expression 2
Investigation 0 Firearms 0 Intimidation 2
Medicine 0 Larceny 3 Persuasion 2
Occult 3 Stealth 2 Socialize 2
Politics 1 Survival 3 Streetwise 3
Science 0 Weaponry 1 Subterfuge 2

Other Traits

Renown Merits Flaws
Honor 2 Totem 4
Glory 3 Allies 2
Purity 1 Contacts 3
Cunning 2 First Tongue
Wisdom 0


1st: Warning Growl(11 dice vs), Loose tounge, wolf’s blood lure, Pack awareness
2nd: Sand in the eyes(10 dice vs), Father wolfs speed, Any beast
3rd: Playing Possum (7 dice)

Rituals: 2; Rites: Rite of Dedication, Rite of Spirit Brand, Call Gaffling.

Health: 8 (10/12/11/8)
Willpower: 6
Primal Urge: 3
Essence: 12
Per Turn 1
Harmany: 6
Size: 5 (6/7/6/4)
Speed: 11 (12/15/18/16)
Defense: 3 (3/4/4/4)
Armor: 0(1 Rage)
Initiative Mod: 6

David love for being mischievous almost knows no bounds. Quick witted and Likeable, He does his best to fight the “vibe” that werewolves give off to regular people. Loves to spray paint and considers himself a artist of sorts. It is of no surprise that he’s a Cathalith. Out of the five, he and Cali are the only ones with a smart phones, and Zach frowns on them for this, saying it draws them away from their harmony.
He really wished they had moved to Milwaukee, as most of his family lives there.

David "Shadow-tooth" Ellison

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