Dr. George "Doc" Hendricks


Apparent Age:late Thirties

Name: George L. Hendricks Virtue: Faith
Player: NPC Vice: Envy
Chronicle: Tome of the Moon Auspice:Ithaeur Tribe: Bone Shadow


Power: Intelligence 3 Strength 3(4/6/5/3) Presence 2
Finesse: Wits 3 Dexterity 3 (3/4/5/5) Manipulation 2
Resistance: Resolve 4 Stamina 4 (4/5/5/4) Composure 4


Mental Physical Social
Academics (Research) 3 Athletics 0 Animal Ken (wolves) 2
Crafts 2 Brawl (Grapple) 3 Empathy 2
Computer 2 Drive 1 Expression 0
Investigation 3 Firearms 0 Intimidation 1
Medicine (Pathology) 4 Larceny 0 Persuasion 2
Occult (werewolf) 2 Stealth 2 Socialize 2
Politics 0 Survival 1 Streetwise (black market) 3
Science (Biology) 3 Weaponry 0 Subterfuge 2

Other Traits

Renown Merits Flaws
Honor 2 Meditative mind
Glory 0 Area of Expertise:Biology 2
Purity 2 Rational Explanation 4
Cunning 0 Eidetic Memory
Wisdom 3 Toxin Resistance
Resources 4
Contacts(black market) 1
Status:Medical 3


1st: Sence Malice, Partial Change, Two-World Eyes
2nd: Ghost Knife, Any Beast, Father Wolf’s Speed
3rd: Technology Ward

Rituals: 1 Funeral Rite

Health: 9 (11/13/12/9)
Willpower: 8
Primal Urge: 2
Essence: 11
Per Turn 1
Harmony: 6
Size: 5 (6/7/6/4)
Speed: 10 (11/14/17/15)
Defense: 3 (3/3/3/3)
Armor: 0(1 Rage)
Initiative Mod: 7

George L Hendricks was born on May, 20 1975 to Randall, and Leeann Hendricks. During his early years his parents were concerned about him being overly active and wild, but he slowly grew out of this phase by the time he entered middle school. During these years his mother was diagnosed with a rare blood disease, which was incurable at the time. During his Jr. High School years he studied hard so he could become a doctor that could help find a cure for his mother disease. After graduating High School he moved to Columbia, MO to attend med school at the University of Missouri. During his third year of med school his mother passed away, and started suffering bouts of anger and hysteria in his sleep. Then one day it happened, on his way back to his dorm he was approached by a man demanding his wallet. George despite his composure refused to give in to the man demands. This angered the mugger, and in retaliation stabbed George with a knife. Unknowing to the mugger this was his worst and last mistake of his life. Before him this simple college student began to change into a huge beast that let out a monstrous roar, and with a swipe of its claw it was all over. George awoke lying in an ally naked, and confused. As he wondered back to his dorm he tried to clear his head to remember the things that happened before, but to no success. That night he awoke to what he thought a nightmare, but in reality was what he was seeking to remember. After weeks of coming to conclusion of the events that happened that night, he vowed to find what made him change. It took much work over the rest of his Med School years to control the beast that lay within him, but he could not completely control it but merely suppress it. After graduating he worked at a local hospital as a successful Hematologist but after years of research he fell into bouts of depression, and anger because his lack of finding a cure for his “sickness”. He quit work out of concern for the safety of his peers, and after years of searching he stumbled on one day an old journal hidden inside a book he found in an antique store. It spoke of man recreations of what he became not in a story since but scientifically. After doing some research on the man who wrote the medical journal, he found he lived, and died in St. Louis. In search to farther his goals, he moved to St. Louis in hopes that he could find more like himself. He now spends his time at home running a private lab in search for his cure but over the years he started doubting he could even find one. He also began to search for not a cure but a way to permanently suppress or control the beast. He funds his research doing in home doctor care, and acquires his equipment by underground contracts he made over the years. To this day he has not found cure nor found more like himself, but strange local events that has been happing over the last few months has made him wonder if he truly isn’t alone.

Dr. George "Doc" Hendricks

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