Will follow you where ever you go! Will also consider you his property.


Offensive type Creeper/Canine Pokemon
*cannot be caught.

Basic attack: if threatened, locates the nearest sharp implement and goes on the attack, regardless of the odds against him.

Bark: An intimidation attack, makes werewolves angry.
10 vs Composure dice pool to offend and scare regular humans. Causes aggravating damage to werewolves and other sentient canines…

Cower: A defensive attack to attract females to his defense.
4 vs Composure dice to gain an ally of the opposite gender to nag his assailants.

Paws: A mind influencing attack to get you to reveal your troubles to him. not very effective.
3 dice vs Composure to convince subject to admit to any recent troubles they are having in an effort to bond with the target.

Creep: A threatening attack to bring the weak-willed under his thrall, aka BLACKMAIL.
2 dice to convince target his threats are legitimate and dangerous if exposed and they should do as he says

Double Edge: A means of survival he has adapted over the years that puts him in as much danger as he was in to begin with (sometimes more).
+5 dice to dexterity + larceny rolls to steal anything he can carry,
-5 dice to manipulation + subterfuge rolls to convince everyone the exact items that were just stolen were given to him by his aunt.

Limit Break – if completely cockblocked, Puppy-chan’s Strength increases to 7 and he enters frenzy until receiving full bashing. Then goes back to Cowering and Creeping.


One is the lonliest number…

Two the ranting gryphon once mentioned he would have to feed a dog GUNPOWDER to get it this pissed off so he did…

Three more nights in the 11th ward will show you the sheer volume of determination for the unloved to become the undying, and then twice again more to settle the score…

I can only count to FOUR!!!!!!


Tome of the Moon Kunit