Salix, the Hidden

The willow who cries for losses yet to come.


Chorus: Nature/Elemental: Tree/Fog
Attributes: Power 6, Finesse 3, Resistance 6
Willpower: 9
Essence: 20/20 max
Initiative: 9
Speed: 9
Size: 12
Corpus: 18

Influences: Tree 2, Fog 1
Pack Bonuses: Medicine (Given) 1
Numina: Material Vision, Heal, Silent Fog, Reaching
Ban: Each pack member must meditate for 1-hour a week under Salix’s boughs.


A force of primal dominance and quiet reproach, Salix the hidden one has watched this glade for years on end as the so called friends to the spirits the “Pure” ravaged it and drained it of compassion, until a smaller pack of more determined Forsaken beat them back and over time has shown Salix that they intend only to nurture him. Since the pack has housed a larger spirit here fettered to a sword one of the smaller ones keeps planted in a stone, Salix has resonated to match the new spirit and now has control of fog in the area, and has made a sort of symbiotic relationship with the housed dragon. He has taken the wayward forsaken in under his mighty boughs and their power has bolstered his.

Salix, the Hidden

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