Zachary Ellison

War-torn elder werewolf.


Apparent Age:mid thirties

Name: Zackary Ellison Virtue: Temperance
Player: NPC Vice: Wrath Lodge: Lodge of Winter
Chronicle: Tome of the Moon Auspice: Rahu Tribe: Storm Lords


Power: Intelligence 3 Strength 3 (4/6/5/3) Presence 3
Finesse: Wits 5 Dexterity 4 (4/5/6/6) Manipulation 3
Resistance: Resolve 4 Stamina 5 (6/7/7/6) Composure 4


Mental Physical Social
Academics 2 Athletics (Running) 3 Animal Ken 2
Crafts 3 Brawl (Claws) 6 Empathy 2
Computer 0 Drive 0 Expression 2
Investigation (anit-crime scene) 3 Firearms 0 Intimidation (stare down) 5
Medicine 3 Larceny 3 Persuasion 3
Occult 4 Stealth 5 Socialize 2
Politics 0 Survival 5 Streetwise (gangs) 3
Science 0 Weaponry (spear) 4 Subterfuge 3

Other Traits

Renown Merits Flaws
Honor 5 Totem 6
Glory 3 Allies 4 (Spirits of Agony)
Purity 3 Retainers 5*2
Wisdom 3 First tongue 1
Cunning 1 Fetish (Clawed Gauntlet) 3


1st: Warning Growl(11 dice vs), Loose tounge, wolf’s blood lure, Clarity
2nd: Sense Taint (12 dice), Sand in the eyes(11 dice vs), Father wolfs speed, Attunment(14 dice vs), Silent Fog
3rd: Voice of Command(13 dice vs), Deluge (13 dice, 20 ext.), Iron Rending (9 dice)
4th: Savage Rending, Rage Armor (15 dice)
5th: Savage Might

Rituals: 3; Rites: Rite of Dedication, Rite of Spirit Brand, Rite of Renunciation, Funeral Rite, Blessing of the spirit Hunt, Call Gaffling, Rite of Dormancy, Rite of Contrition, Bind Human, Sacred Hunt, Rite of Healing, Rite of Initiation.

Health: 8/10 (12/14/13/10)
Willpower: 8
Primal Urge: 6
Essence: 15
Per Turn 3
Harmany: 7
Size: 5 (6/7/6/4)
Speed: 12 (13/16/19/17)
Defense: 4 (4/5/5/5)
Armor: 0(1 Rage)
Initiative Mod: 7 (7/8/9/9)

Zachary has spent decades in service to the spirits and the forsaken. His First change was at the tender age of 17 at his house. He killed both of his parents and fled for his life. The Forsaken found him and though will alone, Joined the Storm lords. The decsion was to make sure he had the self control and the lack of weakness so that it would never happen again. He then Spent time being picked on beaten by his packmates to “toughen” him up. He then went south of the border with his pack To wage war on the pure. His talent was reveal to not only be quick but very insightful and a talented Tactician. He also was the one with the level head in his pack, Functioning as the Mediator and Judge without the presence of a Eldoth. His last pack disbanded due to maternity issues and the spirit guide dieing. He has made numerous spiritual allies including spirits of pain, steel, nightmares, fear, and storms. He also hunts down the most hideous of things in the night and holds the memory of many kills. It is Ironic that Zachary started out as a runt of a Rahu (warrior) and has built himself up as a very wise and successful forsaken. During his “retirement”, He settled in St. Louis and brought several new Forsaken into the world. Recently, his pack that he has looked after (Los Lobos) Imploded on itself due to political reasoning, splitting it in two. Zachary and his two sons, Juan and David, left to find there own territory . He has currently joined up with his estranged daughter Cali and his former pack mate Susan, as well as the “new” initiate Dr. Hendrix.

Zach’s personality borders on professional aggressiveness. He is determined and patient, and almost oddly methodical for a werewolf. Rarely caught of guard, Zachary insists upon studying his enemy’s extensively before engaging them. Usually if foe’s are dangerous or numerous, he enlists the help of his spiritual allies. He see’s himself as a mentor and father to his two surviving children, but try’s to keep himself from being too attached, as that may make them soft. He has a few issues with brandy and the other gender but has kept it discrete due to his tribal oath.

The pack recently left St. Louis after repeated and merciless attacks by the cities vampires. He is now setting up a base of operations in Columbia, the childhood home of the newest pack member George.

Zachary Ellison

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